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How Auroville’s external communications service was silenced

Collective statement on media and press releases

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On Tuesday, December 7th, the residents of Auroville have been informed by the under-secretary of the Auroville Foundation that the Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation has appointed two spokespersons for Auroville. We have also been informed that the Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation has instructed that “the Outreach Media of Auroville and others shall refrain on issuing any statements until further notice”.

The Auroville Foundation is an autonomous body under the Auroville Foundation Act, which is composed of three legal authorities, including the Residents’ Assembly. Unless the Residents’ Assembly agrees to it, the Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation cannot appoint spokespersons to represent Auroville as a whole. The Secretariat can only appoint people to represent itself, namely “the Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation”.

We, the undersigned residents, support our Outreach Media team, which has been put together in 1996 as a service to the Auroville community and is experienced in dealing with media relationships and can take care of the communication with the media. The two spokespersons of the Secretariat do not represent Auroville.