Take over

Eviction of Muyerchi Residents

Here is an open letter written by the residents of Surrender Community regarding a recent threat to evict the youth residents of Muyerchi house. Muyerchi house is located in Surrender conmunity, it has been built for Youth of Auroville above 18 years old. They have...

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The present Governing Board

The actions of the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation office are supported by the Governing Board and contrary to the Auroville Foundation Act and to the spirit in which it has been written and voted by the Parlement of India and against the Charter of Auroville...

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BCC take over

On Friday, Aug 26th evening, the BCC (Budget City Service) received an email from AVFO’s ‘FAMC’ informing them that it was "time to transition to the new team". The communication thanked the BCC members for their service "much appreciated by the community" and asked...

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Legal Update

Legal update Madras High Court: Foundation appeal on the judgment of 12/08/2022   On 26 August 2022, an appeal bench of the Madras High Court gave an interim order that temporarily suspended the ruling that a single High Court judge sitting on 12 August had...

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