Statements by the RA and the Working groups

Open letter to the so-called ‘Working Committee, ATDC, and FAMC’ re the statement about “unfortunate obstructions”

What we find unfortunate indeed is that an ‘ATDC’ not recognized by the community, which has been playing havoc with the existing roads of Auroville for months now in the most incompetent way, instead of concentrating on trying to clear up their mess, has suddenly...

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Joint statement from the working groups of the RA on the current legal situation, the Emergency RAD and a response to the false information sent by [email protected]

Dear friends, The voice and central role of Aurovilians in the governance of Auroville has been recognised in the Madras High Court. The Court in its judgment dated 12.8.2022 has reaffirmed that “under the Auroville Foundation, Auroville will be administered by the...

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