Crown Road update

Satprem from the Auroville Earth Institute has shared his latest report on the Crown Road works, highlighting that the new precast reinforced cement concrete (RCC) slabs that the AVFO’s ‘ATDC’ are utilizing in their design do not comply with any Indian standards for...

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News from Gaia – Can you hear Her scream

Letter from an Aurovilian After over a year of bearing the chaos of our so called development push, today a term came to me that simply expresses my observations….”Zero Gain Development”. I think we all have had to witness the destroying of our pathed roads, which...

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Crown Road, an update

Crown Road  - Update The ‘ATDC’  illegaly appointed by the Secretary's office announced  that the Crown Road work will restart with a stretch of the Crown  inaccessible until the end of December 2022. Since 29th November, teams of road workers have restarted...

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