Open letter to WC

Jan 7, 2022 | Visa threats

Dear Working committee,

We have been informed of a new addition to the form foreigners need to sign in order to get their recommendation for obtaining their visas. According to that, foreigners have to “abide by the Master plan of Auroville based on the Galaxy plan conceived by the Mother and gazetted by Government of India, based on which the Auroville city will be developed and built.”

This 4th addition to the 3 first ones is scandalous.

1. Mother never made acceptance of the galaxy concept a prior condition for admission, so how can someone overrule her?

2. The secretary has no right to set such conditions without consulting other three bodies.

3. Moreover no one has the right to set new conditions when Mother already spelt out what she regarded as essential conditions.

4. It creates an unacceptable difference between foreigners and Indians in terms of admission.

In the light of the above I would like to know what the working committee intends to do in order to protect aurovilians foreigners and to stop that dangerous initiative.

I thought the foundation was eager to attract more people from auroville. With that new condition, it is unlikely to!

What are you going to do when people will refuse to sign the form? We have all agreed to be (try to be) servitors of the divine, I am not sure many will accept to be servitors of the present administration.

Regards, christine