The present Governing Board

Oct 24, 2022 | Processes by-passed, Take over

The actions of the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation office are supported by the Governing Board and contrary to the Auroville Foundation Act and to the spirit in which it has been written and voted by the Parlement of India and against the Charter of Auroville which supersedes all. The powers and responsibilities of the Resident Assembly have been so far systematically minimized or ignored by the Secretary under the Governing Board instructions if we refer to their minute meetings.

Since the last Governing Board meeting, we have observed many attempts from the Foundation office to take over the powers of the Resident Assembly and to interfere in our internal matters, while several urgent issues such as land matters are awaiting the help and support that the Secretary is supposed to give as per her mandate.

These concerning actions has been justified so far with Auroville being a failure and Aurovilians not succeeding in manifesting the city.

There have been considerable achievements of Auroville over decades, those achievements are what have made Auroville so highly respected in India and beyond, not to mention the inner work and the collective realisations that cannot be quantified by ordinary audit tools. For 30 years there are always been a balance and collaboration with the 3 governing bodies of the Auroville Foundation.


GB Minutes of 57th meeting

GB Minutes of 58th meeting

GB Minutes of 59th meeting