Stop the need for court cases

Jun 22, 2022 | Blog, Processes by-passed, Self Governance

Yes, please stop the need for court cases

by Jasmin on June 22, 2022

To the urgent pleas to stop the court cases (which as we all know are a drain on the community on many levels): This is what the vast, overwhelming majority of us all would wish for, including those who have come forward and filed the cases. I can assure beyond any doubt that when the recent court cases – starting with the NGT in December – were filed, this was done with a heavy heart, as a very last resort after all other attempts failed at finding a way forward. After any dialogues, any proposals to accommodate genuine requests from ‘both sides’, failed – not a few, but innumerable times.

As I’ve said before: When a train is racing full speed towards an abyss, what do you do? You pull the emergency break. Simply to avoid irreversible destruction, as a very last resort. Darkali was the first such situation. The break provided by the stay order would have given ample time to come together and work out solutions. And much of what is at risk touches the very essence of Auroville.

I personally know a number of people in our community who tried their level best. Sadly the result was zero. I am not attempting to paint a black-and-white picture, as the reality is seldom like that. But when the result of multiple and sustained meetings and talks is equal to nothing, and the most urgent questions are not even heard, while the grip of an inexorable iron fist is tightening ever more, what can and should be done?

A violent society would have long revolted with violent means. I find that on the whole, our community’s response has been remarkably restrained, patient, dignified, and ready to forbear and move on. Aurovilians have addressed the Indian courts of law with a plea to uphold justice. How outrageous is this, in face of all that has happened and is happening?! Is it not the duty of a citizen, and an expression of his/her faith in our national institutions, to reach out for the wisdom and knowledge of the duly appointed judges to decide? Why is it that this is made to appear so vile and immoral, even being called destructive? Please give me one good reason. Is not rather the outcry and fierce opposition against approaching the courts, making it appear like a crime, an expression of lack of faith, of disaffection towards our top national institutions…?? I am expressing my view as sincerely as I can, and will be happy to stand corrected if I am getting anything wrong. With goodwill and prayers for truth and peace to guide us all….