To the Matrimandir Executives regarding Krishna Das concert

Jan 26, 2023 | Aims & ideals, Processes by-passed, Statements by the RA and the Working groups, Take over

The secretary of the Auroville foundation office is organising a concert in the amphitheater of the Matrimandir again deciding arbitrarily and in an authoritarian manner, bypassing the community processes and going against the very spirit of the Matrimandir which Mother described as being the soul of Auroville, a place of silence and concentration for Aurovilians.

Dear Matrimandir Executives,

We are writing on behalf of the many community members who have contacted us to express concerns regarding the concert by Krishna Das that is planned for next month. While there is widespread interest in and support for the event itself, there are sincere concerns about the venue being the Matrimandir.

We understand that there will be tickets issued but not sold and therefore the event will not be commercial. However, since Krishna Das has a very large public following it will attract a lot of people from outside who may not understand the space in which he would be singing.

The funding from the Foundation office can be explained and utilised in good faith for this event; what the community is concerned about and would dissuade many residents to attend it, is to be part of ‘propaganda’ that is seen and felt in such events and VIP visits organised by the Foundation office (to most of which the community is neither welcome nor informed) and the style of imposition that is frequently experienced.

Besides all this, the aspect of the sanctity of the Matrimandir and the risk of setting a precedent by allowing one function which would then naturally open up the space for other events, is a concern that must be acknowledged. There are most certainly other suitable venues where many Aurovilians would happily welcome and attend an event like this.

We understand the multiple layers that all of us need to deal with and integrate
as best as we can, as we face various facets of this situation, the ultimate goal being to live and act in the true Spirit of Auroville, and we hope you can understand and respect the concerns that many community members have about the venue of this event.

The Working Committee selected by the Residents’ Assembly,
Aravinda, Bharathy, Chali, Hemant, Maël, Sauro, Valli