BCC take over

Sep 3, 2022 | Processes by-passed, Self Governance, Take over

On Friday, Aug 26th evening, the BCC (Budget City Service) received an email from AVFO’s ‘FAMC’ informing them that it was “time to transition to the new team”.

The communication thanked the BCC members for their service “much appreciated by the community” and asked for their help in the transition.


On Sunday, August 28th the RA FAMC wrote to the members appointed by the AVFO’s ‘FAMC’ & ‘BCC’ referring to this mail stating that it was “unequivocally rejected” given the results of the latest RAD (Residents Assembly Decision)which rejects the Office Orders forming their teams.


On Monday August 29th morning, a few members of the AVFO’s ‘FAMC’, accompanied by the AVFO’s ‘BCC’, came to the BCC Office with no prior notice to inform BCC members verbally about the transition, having received no acknowledgement of their mail.


They left saying they would return at 12pm. Shortly thereafter, the passwords to all BCC email accounts were changed without the knowledge of the BCC members, who were also removed from all Google Workspaces.


The same day, The BCC wrote to the AVFO’s ‘FAMC’, stating the following: “We kindly would like you to clarify whether you are ending our terms as BCC members, or whether you intend for the BCC members you have newly appointed to join our team. In case you intend to replace us, we expect you to follow due processes of law and natural justice, including informing us in writing of your causes and grounds for dismissal, giving us a chance to respond and giving reasonable notice.”


On Tuesday, Aug 30th the RA BCC sent a mass bulletin to the community stating that they were requesting that access to their email accounts be reinstated, and that they would keep the community informed of any further developments.