Dreamweaving – Update of February 2022

Feb 16, 2022 | Planning & development

Dreamweaving the Crown: preparing for the final sessions


The dreamweaving architects are hard at work as they prepare for the final dreamweaving sessions this Saturday and Sunday (19/20th) in Unity Pavilion. Some are exploring forming into larger teams as they ‘weave’ together the ideas they have taken from each other in the six weeks’ process so far, others are further developing their initial ideas. Some of them, along with participants from the focus groups and those randomly selected, have also been walking sections of the Crown for closer observation.

On Saturday, the final presentations will be made in the Unity Pavilion, focusing upon key ideas and how the ideas of other architects, as well as detailed feedback from peers, experts, focus groups, and randomly selected members of the community, have been integrated into their designs for the Crown. Participants from all these groups will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive responses.

The Saturday session will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. There will be seating at the back of Unity Pavilion for community members who wish to watch live (as silent observers only). The sessions will also be live-streamed so that everybody can watch. We encourage everybody to tune in to share these important moments in this experiment in collaborative planning. The links for live streaming are

https://youtu.be/UFO6GzlruNo (morning)

https://youtu.be/1qaZyvyvwuE (afternoon)

The Sunday session, which will not be live-streamed and is only open to participants, is an opportunity for the architects, peers, technical experts, focus group members, and randomly selected Aurovilians, to deeply reflect upon the process and outcome of the previous six weeks. This will conclude with participants writing down which aspects of the designs resonated with them and why. Their deliberations will be integral to the final report which will be forwarded, along with other material collected over the past weeks and inputs from the wider community, to the Vastu Shilpa Foundation for them to consider in drawing up the Detailed Development Plan for Auroville. There will also be feedback and comments from the Vastu Shilpa team who are coming all the way to attend both the sessions and from Dr. Doshi who would be joining online.

Soon a presentation of the Dreamweaving on the Crown exercise, including the process, outcome, lessons learned, and possible future applications, will be made to the larger community. We are aware that there may be some confusion as we understand the Auroville Festival shared details of a Dreamweaving community session on 26 February. We would like to clarify that the timings and location for this final sharing are yet to be decided. We will announce the details following this weekend’s sessions.

For any questions and suggestions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] An FAQ has been produced and updated and can be found on Auronet.

The Citizens’ Assembly and Dreamweaving teams