A response to Toine and the ATDC

Dec 29, 2021 | Planning & development, Processes by-passed

To Toine and the ATDC in response to your latest post on Auronet*


The methods used are the very thing that will defeat the purpose. You are using violence and money along with utmost contempt of the Auroville Foundation Act while knowingly mocking the ‘The Dream’ by excluding the residents of Auroville in its aspiration towards Human Unity; the challenge and the raison d’être of Auroville which we all came here for.

Auroville must work out together a Detailed Development Plan and a mobility plan in agreement with the Residents Assembly as required in the gazetted master plan before any work on the ground is taken up. Until that is worked out, nothing else can be done.



*Crown development work has to continue

By L’avenir d’Auroville / Auroville Town Development Council (TDC) , 28 Dec 2021

Dear Community,

This is regarding the possible Residents’ Assembly Decision “To stop all development work on the Crown until further notice from the Residents’ Assembly.”

ATDC would like to clarify that irrespective of the outcome of the Residents’ Assembly Meeting and the Residents’ Assembly Decision that might follow, the Crown development work has to continue in compliance with Sections 19(2)(c) and 17(e) of the Auroville Foundation Act, and the decisions taken by the Governing Board on 2nd Nov, 2021. Below is one of the decision points minuted by the Governing Board:

“2.8 All Master Plan deviations on the land earmarked for the Crown have to be cleared so that the circular Crown Road and related infrastructure can be built without further delay. A similar exercise shall be implemented for the twelve radials and the outer ring road, where land ownership permits.”

Furthermore, continuation of Crown development work shall be subject to the verdict of National Green Tribunal, Southern Zone, Chennai.