Reports to GB from RA selected groups

Jul 16, 2022 | Organisation & governance, Statements by the RA and the Working groups

Dear Residents,

Below is a communication with related attachments that has been sent to the Governing Board, copy to the IAC.
With best wishes,

Your Working Committee
Aravinda, Bharathy, Chali, Hemant, Mael, Sauro, Valli

Sub: Next meeting of the Governing Board

To Honorable Chairman of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation
To Respected members of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation

Respected Chairman and Members of the Governing Board,

It has come to our notice that the 60th meeting of the Governing Board is scheduled for the 11th & 12th of July.

As the Working Committee selected by the Residents’ Assembly, we are sharing with you reports and communications from the FAMC of the Residents’ Assembly and the TDC as selected by the Residents’ Assembly. Also attached are observations and questions related to the Minutes of the 59th Meeting of the Governing Board.

We feel we must once again express our deep concern about the existential crisis in which Auroville finds itself in the first year of your tenure. We believe that you have the potential to be instruments of positive change in the present reality. In this light, we appeal to you to actively encourage a more inclusive and collaborative approach to the unfolding of the Auroville experiment on all levels.

As a first step in this direction, we hope that in a spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding, the Residents’ Assembly and the Working Groups selected by it are given time to interact with you during your upcoming programs in Auroville.

Please let us know when such interactions could take place as per your convenience. We are at your disposal to organize any meetings or visits that you would like to plan.

The Working Committee of the Residents’ Assembly of the Auroville Foundation
Aravinda Maheshwari, Chali Grinnell, Hemant Lamba, Ilyabharathy Somasundaram, Mael Shanti Vidal, Sauro Mezzetti, Valli Senthilkumar

FAMC report
TDC letter
Observations and questions on the Minutes of the 59th Meeting of the Governing Board and related attachments

Cc to:
The Secretary to the Auroville Foundation
Members of the International Advisory Council
Forwarded to the Residents’ Assembly and its Working Groups

Attached files:
FAMC update for 60th GB meeting
TDC letter to GB
Observations on 59th minutes
avf-standing-order-no10-regarding famc of the ra
Auroville Services Mail – Selection of new members for the 5 working groups of Auroville to GB & Secretary
Reply to Dr Seetharaman re pause on RAD’s
Note to GB on visas