Reply to WC4 last email to RAS

May 11, 2022 | Organisation & governance, Processes by-passed, Resident Assembly

Dear Community,

Yesterday we have received an email from Anu, Arun, Partha and  Srimoyi. We just replied to them, and we feel appropriate to share our email with you as well for full transparency.


To Anu, Arun, Partha, Srimoyi –

It’s becoming clear, with the way you communicate to us and about the RAS, that you show no amount of collaborative spirit in the organization we all aspire for, like you refer to.

Furthermore, no matter how many times we tried, you fail to understand or recognize that we, RAS, only strictly follow the guidelines that the RA, of which you are members, has established process-wise.

We do hope that, finally, you will understand our stance in this email, as this is the last time we write to you in this context.

We’ve requested several times to meet the four of you in person to try to remove all misunderstandings and get to recognize both sides’ challenges, how/what we work on, and to see how we can collaborate together. All our requests were ignored till today. There is enough evidence of this request in our communications to you.

Having said that, let’s tackle your lying statement about the RAS in your recent email.

You state: “We, like most residents, did not notice your announcement, five days later, on May 2nd – and wonder why it did not appear in our mailboxes as it should have, in a timely manner..”

Clearly you couldn’t imagine that Mailchimp, the system we use to send massmail, records the opening of any email. According to our data, at least three of you opened that email on 2nd May…

First lie.

(By the way, our email with Vibe was opened by 985 residents out of 2063 residents who received this email, which is like 47.7% open rate, and that’s our normal average open rate for our general emails.)

Also, you state about us the following: “We must also point out to the psychological violence and ensuing division caused in our community by your tactics and clearly biased functioning as a group meant to be at the service of all members of Auroville.On behalf of the members of the Resident’s Assembly that you clearly no longer acknowledge, nor the organization we all aspire to, we cannot accept your decision making process nor its results any longer.”

These words are slanderous in nature and not true (despite you sometimes closed your email with a bold “At the service of the Truth”…).

We never promoted psychological violence nor division in our Community by any tactics nor biased functioning—we are simply following a policy that was approved by the RA to conduct the decision making process.

This constant handover of one responsibility of failure to one another is the very exemple of the denial of the liability that is yours in the split of the Community, and could easily be labeled as an unhealthy mindset and a clear and easy example of psychological projection.

Please, cease right now to make the other shoulder your failures and start to behave with responsibility and right discernment.

Once again, RAS does not represent the Residents’ Assembly. It’s the WCom which represents the Residents’ Assembly.

It’s not our decision making process, it’s the RA’s decision making process.

Through this process, a selection procedure was approved by the RA that was then used as a method to select you members to serve in the Working Committee. It’s only unfair, malevolent and hypocritical on your part to now criticize this process claiming it’s unfit and stating that you don’t accept it after having accepted it just a year ago for being selected.

We’ve stressed these clarities in many of our communications, and we had the hope that you, as WCom members, were well aware of these more than anyone else in the Community.

You also state: “On behalf of the members of the Resident’s Assembly that you clearly no longer acknowledge, nor the organization we all aspire to, we cannot accept your decision making process nor its results any longer.”

Actually we feel it’s rather the opposite. We definitely acknowledge the RA and respect the RA’s decisions. It’s you four who have written and acted differently.

If you believe you have the “silent majority” of the Community at your side, you could have just called for an RAD to, for example, remove us from RAS, review our mandate, or whatever is in your agenda.

Instead, as members of the Working Committee of the Residents Assembly, you have failed your important role/responsibility in harmonizing the different views of this Community, e.g., by collaborating with the Auroville Council when they expressly and repeatedly requested it to you.

Today, we would very much hope to end this useless back and forth dialogue by respectfully requesting you to, finally, acknowledge your unsane attitude, and we really expect you to publicly apologize to us for the harm that you did to us and the community, for months.

Otherwise, you can continue your false narratives seeking support, to undermine the RAS work or the RA, from the respected members of the Governing Board and its Secretary.

We’ll end this debate here, and let Mother take care of Her Dream and Her city, because (unlike you) we are not attached to our position as members of the RAS and will abide by any decision of the RA.

The RAS Team
(Dan, Giovanni P, Sathish A, Tatiana S)