Outcome of the RA decision-making process

Jan 26, 2022 | Organisation & governance, Resident Assembly

The community has massively voted yes on the question asked through the RAD ( resident assembly décision making process).

A total of 899 valid votes have been submitted online and in-person. The number of participants exceeded the 10 per cent quorum required to validate the decision (243 votes).*

The formulated proposal of the RAD was :

“To pause all clearing, infrastructure laying and permanent construction work on the Right of Ways of Crown, Radials and Outer Ring in order to enable the community to define a way forward for Auroville’s development, following:

  • Collective processes
  • The ‘Master Plan: Perspective 2025’ framework,
  • And other relevant regulations.

The outcome shall be approved through a ratified Residents’ Assembly Decision-making process, before the above specified clearing, infrastructure laying and permanent construction work resumes”.

This RAD has had the highest participation in Auroville’s history with 899 participants.