Open letter to the community

Dec 20, 2021 | Organisation & governance, Planning & development

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

My very first feeling after our meeting this evening was that all this was not anymore about the city, not about the galaxy, not about the crown road or the master plan, but about us, about Auroville and about our common Dream.

In the recent weeks we all have witnessed a lot of agitation, passions, contradictory statements, information, misinformation… and a great deal of confusion has arisen in the sky of Auroville like a dark cloud filled with tears and fears and anger.

Today, my belief is that only the Truth can lead us back to the sunlit path we all aspire to follow.

And if this is the case, then to re-establish the facts and the history of the city, the galaxy and the master plan, should be a top priority before we initiate any further debate.

To this aim, I would like to suggest, from a note written by Cristo, a conference/workshop of all the former members of L’avenir, TDC, Development Group and past members of Working Committee since 1995.

Their task should be to bring the truth to light, analyze the causes of the recent events and suggest directions for the future of planning.

I’m confident that it can be done swiftly within a couple of weeks and that it will help to bring a lot of reason, science, clarity and veracity in our debate.

To organize such a thing should not be difficult as we would not need to have a selection process, and that at the same time we would have a group of people representing a very wide spectrum of points of views along with town planners, architects, engineers, hydrologists, geologists… people who know what they are talking about. All these along with a few neutral umpires could provide a clear picture to the community of where we are, what is possible, which studies need to be done and when the work could actually start.

After all, if Auroville is really the City at the service of Truth, then all the rumours and approximations should be challenged at once to ensure that this dark cloud of confusion is dissipated and that, again, the light shines on our path.

I also believe that if this is done sincerely, inclusively, we will discover that we need not to stand against each others and that, finally, we can joyfully work together in a new kind of adventure, for the benefit of all, including our brothers and sisters from our bioregion, India and the World.

This is my wish, and a prayer.