Nomination of the Members of the Governing Board

Oct 16, 2022 | Governing Board, Organisation & governance, Processes by-passed

The Auroville foundation is composed of 3 governing bodies: The Residents Assembly, the Governing Board and the International Advisory Council. See chart explaining the organisation of Auroville, Auroville Foundation explained

In The Foundation Act 1988 that aims at protecting the autonomous body that is Auroville one can read in CHAPTER III/11/(1)

“The Governing Board shall consist of the following members, namely:

(i) not more than seven members to be nominated by the Central Government from amongst persons, who have

(a) rendered valuable service to Auroville;

(b) dedicated themselves to the ideals of life-long education, synthesis of material and spiritual researches or human unity;
(c) contributed significantly in activities that are being persued or are envisaged to be promoted in Auroville, including activities relating to environment, afforestation, arts and crafts, industry, agriculture, humanities, sciences and integral yoga;”
None of the current members of the Governing Board meet this description.