Communication to the Secretary regarding CrownRAD

Jan 29, 2022 | Organisation & governance, Planning & development, Processes by-passed, Resident Assembly

The Working committee sends a letter to the secretary of the Governing Board about the results of the Resident Assembly decision regarding the crown road, this letter shows clearly the division between the members of the Working Committee.

Dear Residents,
Please see below the communication sent to the Secretary regarding the outcome of the recent RAD on Crown development by the Working Committee.

With Regards,
The Working Committee
(Anu, Arun, Chali, Hemant, Partha, Sauro, Srimoyi)


Dear Madam Secretary,

The RAS has asked us to forward their mail regarding the results of the RAD about the clearing of the RoW and development in the Crown, Radials and Outer Ring Road. (The full text of the question asked is in the attached document with the outcome of the results.)
We share the results with you as it is our duty, and at the same time we are sharing 2 sets of observations by our members.

From Anu, Arun, Partha and Srimoyi:

    • The Residents’ Assembly (RA) does not have the power to act on certain decisions which according to the Foundation Act rest with the Governing Board. Particularly, as the Governing Board has already communicated its decision on the matter. We therefore think it was unnecessary for the RAS to entertain petitions in defiance and put Auroville in a confrontational mode.
    • Many have questioned validity of this RAD both for its legality under the Act and as a matter of principle which have been ignored.
    • Following this there was a call to boycott this RAD which must be taken into consideration.
    • There is no transparency in the results.
    • The RAD results are already upon via an anonymous website with misleading and manipulative content which is disrespectful of Auroville, Auroville Foundation and fellow Aurovilians. More importantly it goes against the basics of our functioning: Only those who have resolved to stay in Auroville for good have the right to intervene in its organisation.
    • We recognize that Residents are important for decisions regarding Auroville and we as Working Committee have a duty to respect them. However, this RAD has carried the views of certain groups but not that of Aurovilians as a whole. We also wish to stand for people who are silent for various reasons but do not agree that Auroville’s progress is made to stop.
    • In view of all this we, as Working Committee members, are unable to support such a process or its decision.

From Chali, Hemant and Sauro:

    • The question submitted to the Residents’ Assembly does not challenge the Master Plan; it emphasizes that any development should take place according to the Master Plan. It is not a decision that aims to prevent the Master Plan but to create a framework for its implementation with broader consensus.
    • The participation in this RAD was higher than any other Residents’ Assembly Decision-making process in the history of Auroville, including the issue of the Highway that was proposed to be developed between Pitchandikulam and Kuilapalayam.
    • The RAD process itself is what has been agreed to be used for the time being to give every resident the chance to participate in decisions that affect the community at large. (The Interim RAD process document was shared with you and the Governing Board before their meetings on the 18th.)
    • An outline of the process followed for this RAD, including a timeline, the number of participants in the meetings, feedback received and incorporated, etc, can be provided for transparency if needed. Notes of all meetings can also be shared.
    • The RA is an entity created by the Auroville Foundation Act and it is an authority like the Governing Board and the International Advisory Council. It is not a body that has only an advisory position and its view according to the spirit of the Act should be taken into consideration.
    • The Residents’ Assembly decision-making process has been implemented according to the procedure presently applicable and therefore is a valid decision in our view as members of the Working Committee of the Residents’ Assembly.

If more information or any clarifications are required please let us know.
With regards,
The Working Committee
(Anu, Arun, Chali, Hemant, Partha, Sauro, Srimoyi)