Communication to GB, IAC and AVFO confirming result of the recent RAD

May 11, 2022 | Organisation & governance, Processes by-passed, Resident Assembly

Dear Community,
Please find our communication to the Governing Board, International Advisory Council and the Foundation office confirming the results of the recent RAD.
Kind regards,
Auroville Council
Dear Governing Board members, International Advisory Council members and Madame Secretary,
On behalf of the Residents’ Assembly of the Auroville Foundation, we would like to inform you of the outcome of a recently-concluded decision-making process. 
The proposal put forward for a decision, according to the currently approved Residents’ Assembly Decision-making (RAD) process, was as follows (see attachment for the full report): 
“I agree to remove individual members of the Working Committee from office through this current RA decision-making process, given their failure to ‘assist’ and ‘represent’ the Residents’ Assembly as stated in their mandate. If more than 50% of voters agree that a member is to be removed, the term of that member ends with immediate effect.
I agree that any remaining members of the Working Committee will continue in office and can choose to appoint interim members. They can only do so in consultation with the Auroville Council.
These interim members can only be chosen from members of previous Working Committees. The term of the interim Working Committee members shall be until the next RA-approved Selection Process has been held, and new Working Committee members have been selected”.
A total of 864 valid votes were submitted online and in-person (see attachment for additional information). Please note that this is one of the highest participation levels of any decision-making process in the history of Auroville.
92% (798) Aurovilians voted in favour of the above proposal. 
8% (66) Aurovilians rejected it, and their votes have been counted as “no member to be dismissed”.
Three members, Chali, Hemant and Sauro, were voted to remain in the Working Committee with an overwhelming majority of over 90% of the 864 participants. The other 4 members, Anu, Arun, Partha and Srimoyi, have been voted out of the Working Committee in this Residents’ Assembly Decision-making process.
In Section 20(3) of the Auroville Foundation Act it is stated that, “The manner of choosing the members of the Working Committee and their term of office shall be such as may be decided by the Residents’ Assembly.” Therefore, no communication from these 4 members who have been directed to leave office by the Residents’ Assembly, is to be entertained as communication from the Working Committee. 
As soon as interim members have been appointed we will inform you of the new composition of the Working Committee.
For the Auroville Council

Balaji, Claudine, Ganesh, Shivaya and Suryan (Shiva was not involved in this communication