What is the News & Notes?

Mar 6, 2023 | Medias take over, Take over

The News & Notes (N&N) is Auroville’s internal news bulletin that started in 1975. Working Group reports, articles, events and more are published and distributed weekly through a print and online version. The N&N has always served as a neutral and apolitical space for all perspectives, so that residents have access to as many points of view as possible.

What happened?
Secretary of the Auroville Foundation Jayanti Ravi requested that the N&N editors stop publishing all reports by the Working Groups appointed by the Residents’ Assembly of Auroville. Since more than one month, the editors have only been publishing the reports of the illegitimate working groups, which were appointed by the Auroville Foundation Secretariat and the Governing Board in a breach of the Auroville Foundation Act (1988).

Why is this unacceptable?
The reports of the legitimate Working Groups that the residents voted for must be publicly accessible. We do not recognise the illegitimate working groups appointed by the Secretary and co. In principle, the N&N cannot be hindered or undermined by the decisions of a few, because it is an essential service for the proper functioning of our collective. Furthermore, censorship is against the very spirit of mutuality and freedom that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother stood for.

What can we do about it?
A collective letter to the News and Notes editors has been signed by 426 residents*, requesting them to continue publishing the reports of the Working Groups duly appointed by the Residents’ Assembly, or else step down from their roles as editors. Alas, nothing has changed from their side. Unsubscribe from the News & Notes to show your disapproval, and contact us if you can help in setting up a new channel for communication where our rights as residents are respected.

*To read the collective letter sent to the N&N editors, tap the links below:

English version

Tamil version