AVI lt to Governing Board – 21-02-2023

Feb 22, 2023 | Governing Board, Letters of support

Excellency Shri R.N. Ravi, Chairman of the Auroville Governing Board, Members of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation
Auroville Foundation Bhavan

February 21, 2023

Your Excellency Shri R.N. Ravi, dear members of the Governing Board,

We have learned that Mr. Maël Vidal, a young Aurovilian born and raised in Auroville, has received a “leave India notice”. Mr. Vidal is a member of the Working Committee selected by the Auroville Residents’ Assembly and the suspicion arises that this serious measure is a retaliation for his commitment to the governance of the Auroville community.

The Board of Auroville International (AVI) – a global organisation that supports the development of Auroville, the City of Dawn, since its early beginnings, as indicated by the attached document – wishes to express its deep dismay at these actions.

In a recent meeting with Secretary Dr Jayanti Ravi, she urged us to connect young people from all over the world with Auroville and encourage them to participate in the city experiment envisioned by the Mother. We resonate with this request, as it is completely in line with our own commitment to Auroville. However, it is more than counteracted by events such as the expulsion of a young person who has the basis of his existence in Auroville and dedicates his life to building the city.

We would therefore urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that this “leave India notice” is withdrawn and that Mr. Vidal gets the necessary visa extension.

Yours respectfully,

Christian Feuillette
Chairman, Auroville International
Email: [email protected]

Friederike Mühlhans
Secretary, Auroville International
Email: [email protected]

On behalf of the AVI Board

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