Legal update Sept. 18th 2022

Sep 18, 2022 | Legal matters, Processes by-passed, Take over

Upcoming dates:

19.09.2022 — Madras High Court hearing on the ATDC, in front of a new judge

23.09.2022 — Hearing of AVFO appeal of the Madras High Court judgment of 12th August

20.10.2022 — Supreme Court appeal regarding National Green Tribunal Ruling

10.11.2022 — National Green Tribunal hearing with regard to the Joint Committee report

Other updates:

Madras High Court, FAMC – A hearing for the case regarding appointment of the FAMC was listed for Thursday, 8th September. However, the case did not come up. The date for the next hearing will be communicated as soon as possible.

Madras High Court Appeal – The AVFO appeal of the judgment of the 12th August by the Madras High Court was listed for Friday, 9th September. However, due to various circumstances, the case was postponed by two weeks. The stay order on the judgment of 12th August will continue, until the next hearing. Further arguments are planned for 23rd September in the Madras High Court.

National Green Tribunal – The hearing with regards to the Joint Committee was listed for Thursday, 15th September. No discussions happened as the matter was adjourned to 10.11.2022.

FIRs on Aurovilians – The case was supposed to come up on Friday, 16th of September, but was postponed. There is no new date listed yet.