Legal update October 1st 2022

Oct 1, 2022 | Legal matters

AVFO’s legal arguments in plain English – WCom, ORM, and ATDC cases

As the number of court cases increase, many have found it difficult to dive into the relevant legal documents and are therefore unable to appreciate the arguments made. However, it becomes extremely important to understand these documents, as they give a clear overview of what is now at stake: the permanent reinterpretation of the Foundation Act to appoint the Governing Board of Auroville as the Supreme Authority of Auroville, for Auroville to be claimed as a development project of the Government of India, and for residents of Auroville to be given the status of workers in a government project.

A concerned resident has compiled the relevant statements of the 12th August 2022 judgement of the Madras High Court. The excerpts are accompanied by a simple-English translation for the reader to assess the statements presented for themselves. In some instances, facts have been checked. While the document does not aim to summarise the verdict, it is a helpful read to understand the arguments made by the lawyers of the AVFO.

You can find the document here