Legal update Oct. 2022

Oct 16, 2022 | Legal matters

Upcoming dates

20.10.2022 — Supreme Court appeal regarding National Green Tribunal Ruling

10.11.2022 — National Green Tribunal hearing with regard to the Joint Committee report

To be announced — Madras High Court hearing on the FAMC case

To be announced — Hearing of AVFO appeal of the Madras High Court judgment of 12th Aug

To be announced — Madras High Court hearing on the challenge to the Standing Order no 01/2022, describing ATDC nomination and constitution

To be announced — Hearing on quash petition for FIRs on 6 Aurovilians


Madras High Court, ATDC Standing Order – The first hearing on the petition challenging standing order 01/2022 was heard before a bench of several judges before the Madras High Court, led by the Acting Chief Justice (the most senior justice in the court). The judges directed the Auroville Foundation to file a counter statement to the petition. They have also issued an Interim Order, directing the Auroville Foundation to provide alternative accommodation for anybody they are displacing as the result of development work. This order is limited to people in the Register of Residents.

The case has been ‘tagged along’ with the appeal to the judgment of 12th August, meaning that they will be heard before the court together. Vikram Ramakrishnan, also known as Vikram Ram, creator of the Auroville Files, also appeared in court mentioning a petition filed by him that he claims challenges the Master Plan. You can find daily order SO. As of today, no date for the next hearing has been announced.

For some context on this case, please see Context for the case challenging Standing Order No 01_2022

Madras High Court, ATDC Office Order – The petition challenging the Office Order appointing members to the ATDC was heard in court on Thursday 13th October. Following this hearing, several interpretations and hearsay have been floating around. However, the court order (the official document detailing the outcome) has not been posted online yet, and all interpretations that are circulating may be inaccurate. The case will be explained further in more detail.