Legal update Nov 2022

Nov 9, 2022 | Legal matters

Upcoming dates

10.11.2022 — National Green Tribunal hearing with regard to the Joint Committee report

January 2023 — Supreme Court appeal regarding National Green Tribunal Ruling

To be announced — Madras High Court hearing on the FAMC case; Hearing of AVFO appeal of the Madras High Court judgment of 12th Aug; Madras High Court hearing on the 2022 Standing Order on ATDC; Hearing on quash petition for FIRs on 6 Aurovilians

Supreme Court – appeal of AVFO regarding National Green Tribunal Ruling: The case has been postponed until January. The official date will be announced as soon as possible.

Madras High Court – ATDC Office Order: The petition challenging the ATDC Office Order was dismissed on Thursday 13th October. We continue to await the court order (the official document detailing the outcome). The case will be explained in more detail as soon as the court order is posted.

Tindivanam Court – Abri/Ami/Evergreen land grab – On the 2nd of November, the case regarding the contested plots at both Abri/Ami corner and inside Evergreen was heard.

Meanwhile, Michael B updated the documents of his land opposite Evergreen, which was part of the land under contestation. In the update, it was shown that the sub division, surveys and registrations were wrong, which in turn clarified the false registrations of PKS on the Auroville land. The Tindivanam DRO had sent a notice ordering the cancellation of these wrongly registered documents, purchased by PKS. At the hearing in Tindivanam, PKS claimed not to be aware of the cancellation, so the case was postponed until Tuesday, 8th November 2022.

Cancellation Order

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