Legal update

Nov 23, 2022 | Legal matters

Tindivanam Court – Abri/Ami/Evergreen land grab. The case was listed for Friday 18th November, but the judge was on leave. The judgment has been adjourned until Monday 28th November.

Madras High Court – ATDC Office Order: The petition challenging the ATDC Office Order was dismissed on Thursday 13th October. The court order has now been posted and can be found here. Please read it carefully as various problematic interpretations are currently being shared on social media and elsewhere.

Update from the RA Working Committee on legal developments:
The RA Working Committee sent out a massbulletin on Saturday 19th November, noting that “very reductive statements were made recently on social media and other communication channels by those supporting the takeover by the Secretary’s Office.” They note that simplistic statements on legal matters are often biased, and they ask the community to stay centered and patient since “legal processes take time and there will be ups and downs”.