Joint letter from WCom, FAMC and Council sent to Land Board

Jul 12, 2022 | Land Matters, Organisation & governance, Planning & development, Take over

Dear Community,

We share with you a joint letter from WCom, FAMC and Council sent to Land Board on July 4th, regarding an irregular Office Order issued by the office of the Secretary.

Kind regards,
Auroville Council


Dear Land Board members,
We request that you please ignore the Office Order issued by Mr. G. Seetharaman on June 28th removing from the Land Board Renu and Padmanabhan, and appointing Ms. C. Meenakshi and Mr. T.K. Ponambalam.

We affirm that Renu and Padmanabhan, along with the other Land Board members duly selected via a Residents’ Assembly approved process, continue to remain as bonafide members of the Land Board. At this time, as with several other new and reported but not provided Office Orders circulated recently, we are unable to recognise this Office Order as valid for multiple reasons.
We also request that you please retrieve from Sysop your new Land Board email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected], and inform the community of these at the earliest.
Warm regards,
Working Committee of the Residents’ Assembly (Aravinda, Barathy, Chali, Hemant, Mael, Sauro, Valli),

FAMC of the Residents’ Assembly (Amy B., Bobby P., Danny, Elodie, Mita R., Palani, Ranjith),

Auroville Council of the Residents’ Assembly (Balaji, Claudine, Julia (TOS), Philippe, Samrat, Shiva, Shivaya, Suryan, Svenja)