Abri/Ami/Evergreen land grab update

Oct 4, 2022 | Land Matters

Mr PKS, who has been encroaching Abri/Ami/Evergreen land, promised to stop clearing Evergreen Forest land until the Court hearing on the 22nd September. However, Mr PKS did not submit the necessary documents to the Courts and the hearing was subsequently postponed until 14th October 2022. On Friday 23rd September, Mr PKS took matters into his own hands and showed up on site with around 100 women and henchmen. The women proceeded to push Aurovilians out of the way, spray paint on phones, manhandle and attack people, effectively creating a human barrier allowing PKS to put up a gate and fence. Aurovilians trying to document were consistently attacked.

The WCom of the RA has since sent out a statement on how Aurovilians should respond to these hostilities, asking everyone to document but stay peaceful. The WCom of the RA and several Aurovilians have been working tirelessly to resolve the situation. After weeks of escalation, the AVFO has finally been involved in trying to seek a solution. However, according to the RA WCom re_ Land matters of the WCom of the RA on land-related matters, there has been no firm action from the Secretary despite her duty to intervene as Estate Officer. 

According to a massbulletin of the RA WCom, on Saturday 24th September the RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) came on site at Evergreen. He spoke with Mr PKS and his henchmen, asking them to pause their work, and said that on Monday 26th he will issue a status quo order. Residents are nonetheless asked to remain on standby in case of further developments.