Role of the International Advisory Council

Feb 17, 2023 | Aims & ideals, International Advisory Council

The International Advisory Council is one of the 3 governing bodies of the Auroville Foundation, based on the Foundation Act 1988.

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The duty of the IAC as defined in the Auroville Foundation Act is to give advice to the Governing Board, and to see to it that “the ideals for which Auroville has been established are encouraged”; and also that “the residents of Auroville are allowed freedom to grow and develop activities and institutions for the fulfillment and programmes envisaged in the said Charter of Auroville”.

The International Advisory Council in its recent meeting with the community (February 16th 2023) has clearly express that they are not able to fullfill their role which is tos ecure Aurovilel aims amd ideals in the current situation. 


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