Duly appointed RA groups and services

Jun 28, 2022 | Blog, Processes by-passed, Self Governance, Take over

By AV Council (AVC) , 28 Jun 2022 / 01:27 pm

Dear Community,

We are all shocked by the continued and aggressive attempts at appropriating many of Auroville’s executive and managerial positions, including the memberships of some of our groups (eg: WCom, ATDC, FAMC, ACUR, Auroville Archives, Outreach Media, Auroville Multimedia Center), by a small section of Aurovilians supported by the office of the Secretary.

As we have already explained in a previous publication , there are insufficient grounds upon which the Auroville Council can recognize any of the appointments made by the office of the Secretary. We have been made aware of several supposed Office Orders, none of which seem to have been issued with due process nor by the appropriate authorities. Nonetheless, the irregularly appointed individuals continue to maintain a facade and are contacting individuals and groups in our community as though they were duly selected.

In this strange situation, the Auroville Council continue to stand simply and resolutely for Truth and Light; and we recommend to anyone unfortunate enough to have to interact with anyone claiming to hold positions they do not, to simply tell them that “you do not recognize them as legitimate members of the groups/positions they claim to represent, and that they should please contact the duly selected groups of the Residents’ Assembly”.

At Her service,
Auroville Council

To understand Auroville organisation: https://standforaurovilleunity.com/auroville-organisation/