Dreamweaving, communication to the community

May 28, 2022 | Blog, Planning & development

Dear Community, now that the report of the Dreamweaving the Crown has been published and the process that the various team members of both the Dreamweaving and Citizens’ Assembly committed to has come to an end, the Dreamweaving team wanted to write to the community with a brief update, simply trying to answer the repeated question we receive: so what is next for the Dreamweaving?

The Dreamweaving collaborative method, since the begin- ning, aimed to generate a pool of ideas representing a few of the qualities of the envisioned Crown. Such ideas are either demonstrated through drawings by the Dream- weavers, or explained through texts by the experts, the fo- cus group, and the randomly selected citizens group. As in any serious participatory process, both the design propos- als and feedback are seen as equal; equally reflecting the truly diverse voices of Auroville, the voices of the users of the space, the voices of the participants of the experiment. The whole collaborative method aimed to communicate voices and ideas from Auroville to inspire the Vastu Shilpa Consultants VSC to prepare a detailed development plan (DDP) reflecting both the needs and ideals of Auroville. Yet, the planned path of work development seems obstructed at the moment, as there is no clarity in regards to signing the consultants contract to officially start the work. Through this moment—intense and unclear—we are in observation and deliberation. We believe time will prove that only a rigorous collaborative process bridging expertise and faculties from within and from without can resolve Auroville’s planning challenges, peacefully and imaginatively.
Regards, David, Mona, & Omar


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