The TDC selected by the RA addresses its concerns regarding the crown work

Dec 20, 2022 | Destruction, Planning & development, Statements by the RA and the Working groups

RA TDC: Response to the communication dated 15 12 2022 by ATDC re CAUTION DURING THE CROWN WORKS

Dear Community,

We – TDC – have repeatedly written to the CPWD and AVFO regarding the lack of proper safety measures on the dismantled roads and the temporary bypasses that currently mostly go over cycle paths (see links below). It is increasingly worrisome that there is apparently a total disregard for the safety of road users, especially children, and elderly people. The seeming inability to properly plan construction in phases and in a manner that would allow for traffic to be rerouted to cause the least possible disruption impairs the freedom of movement of many of our more vulnerable residents. The current safety issues as well as the total lack of signage and safety measures also cause danger to many employees that have to navigate near unusable roads daily to get to and from their workplaces.

These safety issues can not and will not be solved by simply cautioning to reduce speed. These issues would never have occurred if the resolution passed by the RA in January 2021 to pause all permanent development on the Crown, Radials and Outer ring road until proper plans had been agreed upon by the RA, had been respected by the group put in place by the AVFO. With proper phased planning to construct Auroville and the crown, this nonsensical destruction and waste of GOI funds would have been avoided.

2022 10 28 – letter to CPWD re road safety.pdf
2022 08 15 – letter -CPWD Delhi – reg road quality.pdf
2022 07 26 CPWD letter.pdf
2022 07 12 22.003 TDC letter to AVFO.pdf

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