Destruction of Auroville roads continues

Jan 8, 2023 | Destruction, Processes by-passed

Despite a loud communication in the medias by the Secretary’s office that they are building the city and the crown road, so far not a single meter of road has been built. Instead they are destroying the existing paved roads already built by Aurovilians (with GOI grants) to form parts of the crown road on the area where the community agreed on. These existing parts of the crown road that they are dismantling and destroying were in good condition and formed parts of the crown road built with community agreements over the last 12 + years.

This destruction is also generating safety issues as not alternative roads have been set up. Please see previous posts in the blog section about roads and communications of the RA selected TDC (Town development Council). In many areas the destroyed roads are left without any warning signs or safety measures, there is proper diversion signage in place. Many residents and workers are effected and impaired in their freedom to go about their daily tasks as several accidents have already occurred.

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