My experience at youth centre today at 7:45 am 9th december 2021

Dec 9, 2021 | December 2021 events

Dear Srimoyi, Anu, Dr Jayanthi Ravi,

I write to you three specifically to share my experience of this morning and ask you to stop this action and the method you are applying to build the city of Auroville.

I have no interest in shape of road, that will get built in Auroville, and understand that trees can be grown and buildings can be built by human endeavor.

Today I climbed on top of the JCB which was working at the YC, and asked the driver to stop the machine. The driver was scared, he would have stopped. But 20 goondas surrounding the JCB, lifted me off and carried me away. Of course, in the process I got hurt physically, but that is not the point.

Human Unity will not be built by bringing police or goondas from villages. Neither will the city be built by this way. You all know that but at this moment are blinded by the narrative of perfect circle and sacred geometry.

Human Unity will be built by touching hearts, talking and solving and not being stuck in our positions. Bringing police and use of physical force are the means used for centuries by anyone in power. There is nothing NEW in that, it is the EASY way.

Resolving by negotiating and shifting and bringing down your egoic positions is the MORE difficult task, and that will build our unity. NOT the method being used now.

As you have taken a position of leadership then please show a new way, a way in the spirit of Auroville.

I object to the tactics of manipulation, subterfuge, divide and conquer, and obstinacy to the extent of using strong arm tactics.

If you follow the old world mentality brought in by the men in your group you will weaken the very Spirit of Auroville.

The very thing you want to protect is getting hurt by divisive actions.