Letter sent to WC and ATDC about Police and JCB action early morning on Sunday 5th Dec

Dec 7, 2021 | December 2021 events

Dear Members of the Working Committee and ATDC,

It is surreal and mind-boggling to think that the action by Police and JCBs in the dead of night on Saturday-Sunday at the Youth Centre, could have the active support of any Aurovilian, leave aside members of our 2 essential groups, the WC and the ATDC.

That these very groups are our interface with the Auroville Foundation and various other official Indian bodies makes the situation dire and utterly unacceptable.

No matter what be our individual differences in opinions on the galaxy plan or the crown road or any other matter – this is NO WAY to solve it. We are all aspirant Willing Servitors seeking that elusive Divine Consciousness to illuminate our hearts, minds and actions – not thieves to be rounded up and placed out of the way while what is perceived as ‘Mother’s Plan’ is executed.

As members of these groups, normally chosen by the community, you represent Auroville as a whole, ALL of Auroville, not any particular section of it or any particular viewpoint (whether it is an official one or a personal one).

You urgently need to step up and fulfill your role as organizers bringing seemingly opposing views together to a higher, wider and deeper synthesis. Just as each of us Aurovilians needs to step up (or step inward) into something truer.

Can you do this?

Abha Dana