On B.V. Doshi’s contributions to Auroville

Feb 3, 2023 | Aims & ideals, Planning & development

Dr B.V. Doshi was extensively involved in Auroville, both as a member of the Governing Board (2008 to 2016) and as Chairman of Auroville’s Town Development Council (ATDC, from 2011 to 2016). During his chairmanship of ATDC, Doshi faced difficulties in enabling a flexible and participatory approach to town planning, due to obstructions by the same people who support the Secretariat of the Auroville Foundation today.

In 2021, the Vastu Shilpa Foundation (Doshi’s organisation) supported Auroville residents’ efforts with the Dreamweaving initiative, a participatory urban planning project that integrates spirituality, nature and development. The residents had hoped that Vastu Shilpa would be assigned to create a Detailed Development Plan (DDP) for Auroville, based on the dreamweaving initiative. However, the Town Development Council illegitimately appointed by the Auroville Foundation Secretariat (headed by Jayanti Ravi) and the Governing Board, allegedly demanded very unreasonable conditions, thus making it impossible for Vastu Shilpa to take on the task and sign the contract.

As residents of Auroville, we are upset that we were robbed of the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Vastu Shilpa Foundation.

Doshi’s love and dedication towards Auroville will be forever remembered.