Mixing spirituality and politics

Feb 10, 2023 | Aims & ideals, Processes by-passed

A “spiritual summit” is being organised by a member of the IAC and the Secretary of the GB for the 150 th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo while Auroville processes, roads and houses are being destroyed.

This summit is again one more action going against the very principle of the Charter and of Auroville’s spirit. A letter has been addressed to the member of the IAC by an Aurovilian in an umpteenth attempt at discussion.

“Auroville 4th February 2021

Dear Dena,

Having seen a copy of the programme of the Spiritual Summit you are organising in Auroville shortly before Mother’s birthday, I would like to share with you some questions regarding this planned event.

For a summit in honour of Sri Aurobindo, whom we know as the greatest visionary of the coming step of humanity’s evolution and ‘a direct action of the Supreme’ (in Mother’s words), I had expected a clearer focus on His Yoga and His teaching. Would such a seminar not be the ideal occasion for studying His message for our world in the throes of transition to the New Creation, the manifestation of which He came to announce and hasten?

Remembering what the Mother said about Their Yoga, that ‘we are not here to repeat what others have done before us….. ‘, I am curious to know what prompted the choice of inviting a variety of contemporary spiritual approaches which do not appear to be in obvious relation with that of our masters?

For instance, I happened to have a conversation with a guest from the USA who asserted that ‘the truth does not exist’ and assured me that a spiritual teacher from the US who had been invited to the summit, though eventually could not attend, would have easily persuaded me of this. I can’t help wondering how such philosophies relate to Auroville, ‘city at the service of Truth’, and to all of Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s teaching?

Auroville has in its folds members with a deep and life-long devotion to Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s yoga, who are well known and appreciated as speakers and authors on the subject of the masters’ vision and work. Is it not odd that their names are entirely absent, while a small circle of residents from the secretary’s direct entourage will hold a panel discussion?

I trust you can understand my unease at seeing some sessions to be opened by Governing Board members who are first and foremost politicians, with little regard for Auroville, considering it ‘grossly deficient in spirituality’ and basically a failure. What message will this convey, what atmosphere induce? And what can be expected from a facilitator who, as a Governing Board member, has publicly and repeatedly decried Aurovilians as ‘hard-core criminals’ and the like?!

Do you not think that mixing spirituality with the ends of politics, subjecting the higher to the lower, Is a problematic and dangerous compromise?

You have expressed on many occasions your intention to contribute to building bridges of understanding, synthesis and healing for Auroville in its current crisis. I believe that a focused study of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings, while invoking Their atmosphere, could be an invaluable occasion to make progress in this direction.

For honouring Sri Aurobindo and His gift to the world, I could imagine no better guiding light than that of Mother Herself. After all She has given us countless indications, and I have no doubt that She would readily lead and inspire such a summit if asked for it, through Her recorded words as well as through direct inspiration and Presence.

Notwithstanding all the perplexities and reservations the programme of this summit evokes in me, which make me unable to attend – and I understand that others have similar feelings – I believe that the grace of Mother and Sri Aurobindo is always ready to respond to a sincere invocation. Irrespective of our positions, if all of us in Auroville call on Them with all our aspiration during this intense time, surely Their blessings will descend on the City the Earth needs.

In the certitude of Their Love and Oneness

Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya
Mrtyor Ma Amirtamgamaya
Om Shanti…


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