In the Name of the Mother?

Dec 28, 2021 | Aims & ideals

My life brought me to live in Auroville through my devotion to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and Their Yoga, and the call of the deeper work of my own SelfTransformation, and I have always been inspired by the vision of the Galaxy plan for Auroville and the opportunity to be involved in building it. However, it does not take an enlightened being to recognize that the recent actions taken in our community in the name of the Mother do not reflect the values of Auroville, nor any sincere practice of Yoga, especially the Integral Yoga of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, not to mention all the clear guidance Mother gave about how we should live together, agree, and behave towards each other. To those of you who are attempting to appropriate and claim ownership of the true Vision of Auroville in the name of the Mother, the Master Plan, and the Integral Yoga, I must come forward and make clear that there is NO JUSTIFICATION in Mother’s words and guidance to take such authoritarian and selfrighteous actions, nor do you have the right to impose anything upon the community in Her Name. While the whole community holds responsibility for what we have created in this situation, your particular extreme actions, in fact, reflect a failure to live up to the values that Mother herself, in her own words, has given to us very clearly. In order to bring more Wideness to the perspective on this situation, I offer here only a small amount of what Mother has told us about Auroville, as well as my own personal comments, to remind very clearly that you and your position do NOT solely represent the Mother or the True Vision or Spirit of Auroville, and that you have broken the Supreme Trust that She has given ALL OF US to help manifest Auroville together in Harmony. What I offer is not meant to be taken as rigid Truth, as I am always changing, but rather to provide a wider perspective on the narrative of the situation.

“At last a place where nothing will have the right to impose itself as the exclusive truth.” The Mother — February 1968

“As long as you are for some and against others, you are necessarily outside the Truth.” The Mother — Dec. 16, 1966

Regarding Imposing of Positions

To those who seem to feel that their interpretation and understanding of the Mother and Her Vision for Auroville, including the Master Plan, are the only Truth and now have decided to impose their position and will (NOT Mother’s) upon the community, here are the Mother’s own words for Auroville:

“For each problem there is a solution that can give satisfaction to everybody; but for finding this ideal solution each one must want it instead of meeting the other with the will to enforce one’s own preference. Enlarge your consciousness and aspire for the satisfaction of all.” The Mother — Aug. 28, 1971

A reply to the engineer of Matrimandir about work there:

“Each one has good reasons to support his own opinion, and I am not expert to judge between them. But from the spiritual point of view I know that with true goodwill all opinions can be harmonized in a more comprehensive and truer solution. This is what I expect from the workers of Auroville. Not that some give way to others, but that on the contrary all should combine their efforts to achieve a more comprehensive and perfect result. The ideal of Auroville demands this progress – don’t you want to make it?” The Mother — Nov. 14, 1971 (underlined emphasis added)

To the Aurovilians,

“To establish in Auroville the harmonious atmosphere which, by definition, ought to reign there, the first step is for each one to look within himself for the cause of friction and misunderstanding. For the causes are always on both sides and before demanding from others, each one should first strive to eliminate them from himself.” The Mother — July 4, 1969 (underlined emphasis added)

“The solution is to go deep in oneself, and to find the place where all the differences combine to constitute the essential and eternal Unity.” The Mother — May 4, 1969

“The true spirit of Auroville is Collaboration and must be more and more so.” The Mother — CWM

“True collaboration paves the way to divinity. Blessings.” The Mother — CWM

Although the responsibility for the current situation exists on all sides, it is clear that those in our working groups and those claiming Mother’s authority for these actions have utterly FAILED in doing what She has asked of us in regards to harmonizing all our opinions and perspectives. I would like to further make it clear that the Mother herself never imposed anything upon the community. She always gave clear guidance, but never imposed anything and made plenty of comments regarding the falsehood of imposing anything as the sole Truth, of creating dogmas out of anything She or Sri Aurobindo said or decided, and constantly speaking of the need for Plasticity. So, I would ask all those who claim to represent the Mother’s Vision: If the Mother Herself did not seek to impose, then how can anyone be so arrogant to think they should impose anything?

The need to impose anything is an aspect of the Ego which has not yet found its true power in the Psychic Being and Soul. Without the true touch of the Soul the Ego seeks power outside itself, to control and impose and manipulate. The Psychic Being has no need to impose anything, ever, for it IS its own Self-Power, the Power that comes from the Divine itself, and no outside conditions or external reality can touch that Power and the Eternal Peace and Equanimity that come with it. The Psychic Being has Eternal Patience and Faith in itself, its Truth, its beliefs or positions, even those regarding Auroville’s Truth, such that one is able to Trust that if there is some greater Truth in one’s position then the Divine would create the conditions by which that Truth would be realized in a harmonious and peaceful way, in the right time, rather than through imposing and other forceful tactics and methods. Do those who impose believe that their actions reflect a real Faith in the Mother, in Auroville? It most certainly does not. This kind of imposing behavior reflects a lack of real Faith, with a narcissistic belief that the outcome of one’s position/belief relies solely on oneself or one’s group and not on a Higher Power. Faith can let go and allow the Divine to work the Truth out through Peace and Harmony and Unity. Auroville’s purpose was not to be another Kurukshetra, a battleground, but rather an attempt to AVOID the need for these kind of conflicts by confronting our differences and conflicts IN A NEW WAY, through a Consciousness of Creative Collaboration, without the old violent ways – whether physical, emotional, psychological, religious, or otherwise. The Psychic Being and Soul have the capacity to see the Truth behind all positions and seek the way to integrate and heighten everyone’s consciousness together in a creative and harmonious solution, as requested by Mother for us to do.

Regarding the Slow Growth of Auroville

To those who seem to feel that the city has grown too slowly and nothing has been done, who reinforce their position by stating that Mother wanted the city to be built in 5 or 10 years, who impatiently want to hurry to grow faster and thus have decided upon extreme actions to push their position, here are more of the Mother’s, as well as Roger’s, own words to reflect upon:

Entry in Rijuta’s notes: “‘On Auroville: It may take 100 years, but the city will be built. Not an ascetic set-up; a respect and education for beauty; replete with full creature comforts and conveniences: Aurovilians should be regarded as citizens of the world – free entry everywhere.’” The Mother — Sept. 21, 1967 (underlined emphasis added)

“I am speaking of the countries’ collaboration in creating something. It’s not when Auroville has been completed: it’s the nations’ collaboration in creating something – but creating something founded on the Truth instead of a rivalry in Falsehood’s creation. It’s not when Auroville is ready – when Auroville is ready, it will be one town among all other towns and it’s only its own capacity of truth that will have power, but that … remains to be seen.” The Mother — Sept. 21, 1966 (underlined emphasis added)

From Interview with Roger Anger (French TV 1974) (underlined emphasis added)

Q. So Auroville may never be finished, then?

R. Perhaps not, but that has absolutely no importance. What is important is not to build a city, it is to build, I repeat, a new humanity. Having said that, how much delay and how much time it will take, only the future will show us. I hope it will be soon!

Q. In other words, Auroville and the new man need to grow together, then.

R. Without a doubt. It is clear. (See full interview at the end of this article)

The belief that ‘nothing has been done’ here in Auroville is quite disrespectful to all that has been accomplished in many areas of life, and actually ignores the INNER work that has been going on even from the beginning, despite the ‘imperfect’ external appearances, which Mother has discussed. While the Mother did discuss building the city faster, even building the city BEFORE any residents would move in, this obviously did not happen for many reasons, for She also hinted (as did Roger) that the city could take a long time to materialize in its true way. The need for a great amount of Patience and, even more, the ability to harmonize all positions towards a collective Agreement by doing the real work of finding solutions that satisfy all sides was required – in other words, the real work of doing a Collective Yoga. Mother said in many ways that what is important is not what is being done but the Consciousness and Spirit in which it is being done, and that the whole purpose of Auroville and this Yoga is to manifest a new Consciousness in Humanity. It is very clear that these actions and behaviors while claiming the Truth for one’s own do not reflect the values the Mother insisted upon for doing work together to build the city and our collective consciousness.

Mother saw progressively that the physical manifestation would need to go hand in hand with the spiritual manifestation of the residents, and would follow each other, not one before the other. This would take collaborating together to build everything in Unity and Harmony. The modest appearances and physical progress of Auroville were not as important as the working of the Force and Consciousness ‘behind’ the appearances. Unfortunately, in this situation, too much importance is being put on the appearances and expectations of a material manifestation where some can’t see the Force at work behind everything that is here. The actions taken simply reflect a mental and vital vision of the development of Auroville, and not the deeper Soul’s Feeling and Vision.

Regarding the External Manifestation of Auroville

For those who believe that the manifestation of the external city is more important than the manifestation of the human consciousness, and that the development of a perfect geometrical master plan is more powerful than the development of the inner consciousness of the residents, please reflect on the following:

“Auroville is going well and is becoming more and more real, but its realisation does not proceed in the usual human way and it is more visible to the inner consciousness than to the outer eye.” The Mother — Jan. 1966

« It [the city] will be built by what is invisible to you. The men who have to act as instruments will do so despite themselves. They are only puppets in the hands of larger Forces. Nothing depends on human beings – neither the planning nor the execution – nothing! That is why one can laugh. » The Mother — Sept. 1969

While there is power behind geometric forms and the form of the galaxy and circle, Mother and Sri Aurobindo both expressed clearly how the external manifestation always reflects the inner development, that the INNER must come before, or along with, the outer manifestation. This is true of our own lives as individuals practicing Yoga, but also as a collective, in all aspects of our lives, including the development of the town. It is the Inner that builds the Outer, first and foremost. So to put such a huge emphasis on the manifestation of the outer design without allowing and following the inner development and evolution of the people that are residing in the city is essentially backwards and not according to Yogic and Spiritual knowledge. The building of Auroville has always been a tool for the transformation of human consciousness primarily. As we can see by our present crisis, the process of developing the city itself presents us with the opportunities to become more clearly aware of our inner and outer weaknesses, our ego, our flaws, as well as our strengths, so that we can grow in Consciousness together to build something in a NEW WAY and not according to the old ways of fixed mental and moralistic rules and ideologies – whether spiritual or otherwise.

Regarding Claims of Anti-Development and Use of Police

For those who believe that all the land stewards are selfishly blocking development, that they are anti-development, and that this justifies the use of police, hired outside enforcers, and JCB’s to impose their will, please reflect on the Mother’s own words:

“Auroville,, the free international city. No army, no police….” The Mother — Sept. 1966

“There are no police… No prison. No police.” The Mother — Sept. 1966

“No police and no army.” The Mother — Aug. 30 1969

“I disapprove totally of violence. Each act of violence is a step back on the path leading to the goal to which we aspire.” The Mother — May 6, 1971

“Quarrels are altogether contrary to the spirit of Auroville” — The Mother — 1969, “Auroville in Mother’s Words”

“The foremost thing must be PEACE. Whatever you do must be by peaceful means. The second thing necessary is Harmony, not only general harmony but also between the individuals living there.” The Mother

“I disapprove totally of violence. Each act of violence is a step back on the path leading too the goal to which we aspire. The Divine is everywhere and always supremely conscious. Nothing must ever be done that cannot be done before the Divine.” The Mother

“Violence is necessary as long as men are ruled by their ego and its desires. But violence must be used only as a means of defense when you are attacked. The ideal towards which humanity is moving and which we want to realize is a state of luminous understanding in which each person’s needs as well as the harmony of the whole are taken into account. The future will have no need of violence because it will be governed by the Divine Consciousness, in which all things are harmonized and complement each other.” The Mother, Agenda Feb. 18, 1973

“Even here, into the abode of ideas and knowledge, man has brought the violence of his convictions, the intolerance of his sectarianism, the passion of his preferences.” The Mother, The Four Austerities

The mere existence of this, and any, conflict reveals clearly that no true attempt at finding a harmonious resolution for all sides has taken place, that no real, true and sincere agreement has been found in a synthesis of all ideas, and that there has been a failure by all, especially by those in positions of decision-making and who claim authority, since they are meant to be ‘organizers’ working on behalf of the whole community and not just their personal interests.

To claim that everyone who is protesting is somehow anti-development is just entirely FALSE. Most residents want to see the city, want the galaxy and want the city to grow. The current disagreement is with the extreme imposing methods that have been used, that the community’s processes and concerns are being ignored, and that there has been a failure to include or reconcile the other positions of the community into the development planning and have even ignored the proposals made by others to do this work of finding a resolution together in harmony. All of the various positions equally reflect aspects of the Truth, aspects of the Divine Itself – and it is by bringing them all together into a cohesive and harmonious Whole that we actually do this Collective Yoga of Auroville. By ignoring other positions and imposing any one position, one does not respect the Values of Auroville that the Mother guided us to live by together.

Regarding the Acceptance of the Master Plan

For those who claim that the community accepted the Master Plan 2 or 3 times, and that the Mother herself accepted the Master Plan, please reflect on the following:

Your claims are simply not the whole story and ignore the details and context of what was actually ‘accepted’, as well as the fact there are obviously different interpretations and ideals which must be reconciled. While the community in principle accepted the master plan in a general way, it did so due to certain conditions which were happening at the time which were pushing for some kind of acceptance of a plan… The acceptance was not total, but only to a certain extent and NOT IN ALL ITS DETAILS. The detailed parts of the master plan were never clearly delineated, especially regarding the crown road and crown way, and it was understood that detailed plans for each section and area would be developed for future decisions by the community as the work progressed according to the ground realities – so the claim that the community had already decided the full crown road or crown way design is absolutely false, since there has been no detailed plans provided for the community to decide upon.

Regarding the Mother’s acceptance of the current Master Plan, there is clearly disagreement on this which must be reconciled. The Mother seemed to have accepted a general Galaxy Plan, NOT the current Master Plan which has been changed since, and the original Galaxy Plan does not seem to have included any Crown Road in detail for the Mother to see and accept. Either way, we must remember that The Mother was extremely plastic and flexible in Her approach to the whole master plan from the very beginning and was constantly shifting and changing things according to the ground reality. The acceptance She gave to plans was always to be seen in this Light of Plasticity, that the ground reality would ultimately inform upon the eventual manifestation.

Regarding Mother’s Plasticity to Ground Realities

To those who believe that the Mother’s acceptance of town plans, or anything else, were done with total rigidity and the unwillingness to later adapt and adjust to the ground realities as they developed, please reflect on the following words from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo:

“That which can easily change its form is “plastic”. Figuratively, it is suppleness, a capacity of adaptation to circumstances and necessities. When I ask you to be plastic in relation to the Divine, I mean not to resist the Divine with the rigidity of preconceived ideas and fixed principles…” The Mother — CWM, Mar. 15, 1951

“As regard the construction [of Auroville] it will depend on Roger’s plasticity…” The Mother — June 23, 1965

“The later religions endeavour to fix the type of a supreme truth of conduct, erect a system and declare God’s law through the mouth of Avatar or prophet. These systems, …. are yet for the most part no more than idealistic glorifications of the moral principle sanctified by religious emotion and the label of a superhuman origin. ….The true divine law, unlike these mental counterfeits, cannot be a system of rigid ethical determinations that press into their cast-iron moulds all our life-movements. The Law divine is truth of life and truth of the spirit and must take up with a free living plasticity and inspire with the direct touch of its eternal light each step of our action and all the complexity of our life issues. It must act not as a rule and formula but as an enveloping and penetrating conscious presence that determines all our thoughts, activities, feelings, impulsions of will by its infallible power and knowledge.” Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, p. 203

The Mother reveals throughout the evolution of her discussions on Auroville a great amount of plasticity and adaptability for the plans and development of Auroville life according to the unfolding ground realities as well as the consciousness of the residents. Early on, She changed the whole orientation and location of the center of the city, making constant adjustments, as the ground reality became more clear. When told of the fact there was a banyan tree at the center of the land, She made it the Center of the town and not the Matrimandir, placing it to the side. She adapted to the ground realities then and even placed a high reverence and importance to Nature beyond imposed development. The Mother was constantly adapting the plans to the ground realities and new information, new conditions, new developments, including adapting to the level of the consciousness of the residents and their capacities. She constantly expressed the need for plasticity when discussing the development and manifestation of Auroville, in all its details. She did not seem to have such a rigid ideal of the Master Plan as some members of our community do. And when considering that the very nature of a galaxy itself is not a static, rigid thing but a living, evolving organism in itself, it is a wonder why some members of our community cannot understand or perceive the real dynamism of Impermanence, Evolution, and Change which lies even behind what appears to be rigid structures and entities.

Regarding Working Groups Ignoring the Residents

To those in our working groups, in the TDC and the Working Committee, who have ignored the clear requests of the residents and who continue to cling to their positions which are meant not to make decisions but only to support and follow the decided will of the community as a whole in an inclusive manner, please reflect on the Mother’s own words:

“…to be an organizer (it’s not “to govern,” it’s to ORGANIZE) – the conditions to be an organizer should be these: no more desires, no more preferences, no more attractions, no more repulsions – a perfect equality for all things.” (The Mother — Mar. 25, 2970)

“Every organisation must remain supple and flexible so that it always progresses and modifies according to the needs” (Auroville in Mother’s Words) “

So I spend my time telling them, ‘Don’t try to organise, don’t try, you are going to fossilise the whole thing before it’s begun. For my part, I wanted it to grow like that, spontaneously, with the full play of the unexpected.’ (Auroville in Mother’s Words)

Unfortunately some members of our working groups have failed to live up to the ideal as an ‘organizer’ (as Mother expressed) for the community. They have not shown any ability to go beyond personal preferences and to have equality for all things, with the plasticity that Mother actively embodied throughout her envisioning of Auroville. Furthermore, they have not worked to synthesize ALL THE POSITIONS in the community in a sincere and tangible way, and instead are imposing their own personal or small group agenda without doing the work of integrating all sides and all perspectives into a harmonious agreement, which is what Mother has clearly wanted from Auroville.

Regarding Organic vs. Planned Development

For those who are against organic, spontaneous, natural development, and believe Mother and Sri Aurobindo rigidly held to any plans or decisions, please reflect on these words from Sri Aurobindo:

Regarding the Ashram: “There has never been, at any time, a mental plan, a fixed programme or an organisation decided beforehand. The whole thing has taken birth, grown and developed as a living being by a movement of consciousness (Chit-tapas) constantly maintained, increased and fortified. As the Conscious Force descends in matter and radiates, it seeks for fit instruments to express and manifest it. It goes without saying that the more the instrument is open, receptive and plastic, the better are the results. The two obstacles that stand in the way of a smooth and harmonious working in and through the sadhaks are: (1) the preconceived ideas and mental constructions which block the way to the influence and the working of the conscious force; (2) the preferences and impulses of the vital which distort and falsify the expression. Both these things are the natural output of the ego.” Sri Aurobindo — On Himself p. 676-77

“All our endeavour is to make this consciousness and this will govern our lives and action and organise all our activities. It is the way in which the Ashram has been created. Since 1926 when Sri Aurobindo retired and gave me full charge of it (at that time there were only two rented houses and a handful of disciples) all has grown up and developed like the growth of a forest, and each service was created not by any artificial planning but by a living and dynamic need. This is the secret of constant growth and endless progress.” Sri Aurobindo — Mar. 11, 1964 (Quoted by Mother in Agenda)

Mother and Sri Aurobindo speak often about how the Mind is the thing that tries to make fixed plans and organizations in an attempt to create life, but in the process misses the dynamism of the Spirit and deeper Feeling of the Soul which sees in a far vaster way what is needed. The Soul and the Spirit are that which have the capacity to be entirely detached from any preconceived ideas or conditions with the ability to adapt and change its orientation in each Moment as new conditions and situations arise. This is the very Heart of doing Yoga, which many have realized upon the spiritual path by the fact that whenever one tries to plan and make something happen it most never happens the way one expects. For we know Nothing about what the Divine Will truly is when it comes to the real Growth and Transformation that is needed for each of us and for all of us in the context of the complex multiplicity of Life and Spirit. It is why most often Mother stressed on the quality of Surrender rather than of fixing absolute ideals to be followed. She wanted us all to develop the Inner Consciousness beyond the Mind’s blind rigidities and allow Life and Spirit and Consciousness to evolve and flow naturally without all the rules, laws, and old structured and mental ways of living – whether moral, religious, scientific or otherwise. It is this that is inherent in the very existence, purpose and Spirit of Auroville. By rigidly attaching ourselves to anything we thereby create the eventuality of Conflict and Violence. Until we become conscious of this Truth in our own nature as individuals and as a collective, we will not be able to transcend this movement of Division and conflict which exists by the Mind and Vital’s imposing natures – something the Psychic Being does not do.

Regarding Authority in Auroville

To those who are not clear on who the Mother gave authority to for Auroville, please reflect on the Mother’s own words:

“To the inhabitants of Auroville Only those who have resolved to stay in Auroville for good have the right to intervene in its organisation.” (MoA, p. 72)

“… there is a misunderstanding somewhere because to hand over the management of Auroville to any country or any group however big it may be is an ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILITY.” The Mother — 1969 Dec. undated (underlined emphasis added)

“There should be somewhere on earth a place which no nation could claim as its own, where all human beings of goodwill who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world and obey one single authority, that of the supreme Truth; a place of peace, concord and harmony where all the fighting instincts of man would be used exclusively to conquer the causes of his sufferings and miseries, to surmount his weaknesses and ignorance, to triumph over his limitations and incapacities…” The Mother — 1954, The Dream (underlined emphases added)

“Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.” And in relation to this statement: “I didn’t put ‘to no country’ because India would be furious.” The Mother — Feb. 7 1968, The Charter

“Auroville is NOT a place for politics; no politics must be done in Auroville and in the offices of Auroville.” The Mother — Feb. 15 1973

By not recognizing the will of the Residents Assembly in the current situation, which reflects the current Spirit and Feeling of the time we are now living in – and not the past conditions or agreements made long ago when most members of the community now were not involved – this ignores both the authority given to the residents by the Mother, as well as the evolving circumstances and ground realities of Life itself which demand us to consider them and to work and adapt with them rather than simply impose our ideals. Again, we must all find a way to collaborate not only with each other but with the Earth and the Life around us, as part of our One Soul and Spirit.

Regarding the Spirit of Tree-Clearing Practices

For those who believe that clearing natural areas in such destructive ways that show no consciousness of the Spiritual and Divine Presence in these places, nor any respect or gratitude toward the Life and Beings that these natural areas contain, please reflect on the following:

The Mother placed so much emphasis on nature and its beauty and the presence of the Divine in ALL OF MATTER. She felt the pain of the Banyan and responded to it, She said that for every Service flower picked up a Soul would be saved, and She materially identified Herself with a cherry tree and the Earth, among so many other examples of her love and detailed care for the world of nature – even going so far as to say that the natural world would be first to receive the Supramental Consciousness. She also was known to take care of every physical item She was given – even stitching clothes often to repair them and keep them in good shape. I mention all this simply to say that Mother approached all of Matter and Nature with a deep intense Care and Consciousness, for it indeed is all a part of HerSelf and all of Us as One Being and One Body of the Earth, just as every Atom and every Cell and every Soul are indeed One of the same Divine Being. Even when there is a need to do something that requires some destruction, like removing trees, one can see clearly that the present manner in which this is happening does not reflect a Spirit and Consciousness of Gratitude and Goodwill towards Life. When JCB’s unconsciously and aggressively destroy the land and buildings, this shows the complete lack of consciousness and care towards Matter and Nature that the Integral Yoga and Mother in particular ask us to have. There will sometimes be a need to remove trees and greenery, but there is always a more reverent, respectful and harmonious way to do this, with Consciousness and Care, and we in Auroville should demand that when it is necessary to remove anything that it is done in such a way that acknowledges and recognizes the Divine Presence that exists in these beings – for they are beings and have Life which demand our Gratitude for their offering and service to the world, as well as recognition that they and all of Nature are a PART OF US AND OUR ONE SOUL.

To Conclude:

I am not someone who seeks to take sides often, and am always recognizing the truth that lies behind all positions and beliefs. I also do not offer the above quotes and comments as rigid Truth in any way, for I am constantly changing myself…. but when such extreme actions are taken and imposed upon the community, and then done in the names of the Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Auroville, and the Yoga – especially when They always warned against creating dogma out of anything they said or decided – I cannot ignore the spiritual arrogance and ego that this represents, despite the fact that I see truth on both sides, and that I recognize the mistakes and ego on all sides of this conflict. Some people seem to have a difficult time seeing that All the residents of Auroville, each and every one, represent the Diversity of the Divine Mother in Life, in Form. Just as the Galaxy may hold a certain sacred form, so too do all the forms of nature, as well as all the forms and types of each Soul that is present in Auroville and upon the Earth, including the differing ideals we represent. By truly recognizing this deeper and Higher Truth of our nature, that we are all One as the Divine Mother in Life, can only make one act in Humility and Compassion and Love towards all – for it is Love that Mother has said ultimately has the Power to Transform All. These harsh and selfrighteous actions represent a denial of the Presence of the Mother in each of us as residents in Auroville, in each form and ideal and position that we each represent. And for that, I can only ask everyone to look deeper into their Hearts and Souls and discover that Divine Presence in yourselves, where Unity and Harmony and Peace Reign as ONE. I hope all shall do this most important Work. OM Namoh Bhagavate



Roger Anger Interview for the French TV 1974 (extended text)

Roger: There are no laws in Auroville, and there will certainly be no prison and no police. This is not simply a hope, but it is a necessary condition, without which Auroville would have no meaning. The will to have an organization that is based on a change of consciousness in man, necessarily implies that all our old habits, found in our cities, and our traditions disappear. Otherwise, what sense would there be in having an experimental city in which new criteria for life, new criteria for human interaction would have to be defined.

Q. Do you think that all forms of repression could disappear?

R. It is my confidence in humanity, and in the human evolution that makes me say this. And it is here, in the first steps of this experience, that I see not only the possibility but also the confirmation of this.

Q. Are you doing what was done in Brasilia? You are first building the city that will then be inhabited.

R. Not at all! I believe that this is at the very core of the principle of Auroville. If the people who come here professing their faith are not capable of building their own environment, Auroville is already in danger of being lost. It is important that Auroville be built on the level of individual experience. One could say about Auroville that it starts on the opposite end of the tradition of contemporary urbanization, in which our urban concepts create a city on paper, however intelligent the concept may be, and then people are asked to live in it. Here the way forward is turned around. People come here to live the experience and it is from this experience that their living conditions, their environment will be created.

Q. Would you like to receive money, credit to speed up the construction of the city?

R. Of course. Of course, an enterprise like this one can almost only be built in difficult conditions. Without a maturity that ar ises from problems, on the level of those people who live the experience, it seems hard to conceive that the goal of Auroville and its message can be arrived at in a comprehensive manner. I would almost say that it needs to be a difficult birthing so that the necessary human infrastructure needed for the realizations of this project can be achieved. The fact of wanting to build people on the level of integrated (complete) human beings is already such a difficult endeavor that it cannot be done with the material comfort that we are used to having in the West.

Q. So Auroville may never be finished, then?

R. Perhaps not, but that has absolutely no importance. What is important is not to build a city, it is to build, I repeat, a new humanity. Having said that, how much delay and how much time it will take, only the future will show us. I hope it will be soon!

Q. In other words, Auroville and the new man need to grow together, then.

R. Without a doubt. It is clear.