Concerning inappropriate quotes on Auronet

Aug 28, 2022 | Aims & ideals, Statements by the RA and the Working groups, Take over

An Aurovilian supporter of the Secretary, working at the housing service has been publishing since months on the Auroville forum Auronet (taken over by the Foundation office) articles that clearly show his allegeance to the Secretary and support her actions. Lately he has published a quotation of Hitler (Mein Kampf) on this same forum.

While many Aurovilians have been banned from the forum since it has been taken over by the team supporting the Secretary (Aurovilians who expressed themselves about theiur view on the ongoing events), this Aurovilian still is allowed to freely post on the forum.

This individual has later post a sort of apologize where he also clearly express that he has posted knowingly this quotation.

Here is the statement of the Auroville Council and the RA Working Committee regards to this post:

Dear community,

We are reaching out to you with a serious concern. A couple of days ago Venkatesh, who is part of the Housing Service team, posted a quotation from Adolf Hitler on Auronet.

Whoever doesn’t know about this dark chapter in human history should educate themselves urgently. The domination of a small group (proclaiming themselves to be superior) through authoritarian means and the perfidious patterns of instilling fear and division led to the reign of an oppressive and destructive power of uniformity. This came with a level of fear that intimidated into submission the powerful impulse for resistance in German society. Huge masses of human beings lost their ability to stand up against a few that were fuelled by dark forces at play and this led to one of the darkest moments for mankind, which cost 6 million Jewish lives, and many millions more from other cultural minorities and in a war that shook the whole planet.

We can see similar patterns rising again and trying to get a grip on humanity around the world and we believe the call of the hour is to rise above and not let the darkness affect us but stand up against the wrongs of this time and grow strong as the diverse community that we are, on a planetary level but also in Auroville.

To see quotes like these, which promote the idea of domination by a few due to their self-proclaimed higher nature, being used to fuel the current conflict in Auroville is deeply disturbing. This display of the ideological beliefs of a person that led the world into one of the biggest human catastrophes in history is not only unacceptable and needs to be condemned but it questions the very ‘belonging’ to our community.

Being part of Auroville which aims to be a laboratory for higher consciousness and which holds the high aspirations to become the city the earth needs as an international community also means to follow the call to be our best selves. It is a challenge that we are all facing everyday.

We can feel that our social fabric is painfully challenged and our collective consciousness is hurt and is suffering due to the current circumstances which have brought up a lot of fear and confusion. In the best of all scenarios we take this episode as a push towards progress and thrive instead of fighting to survive as a collective.

And although we can observe innumerable touching examples of thriving and connecting in our community we also seem to find patterns of going lower and lower everyday as well.

We can choose to allow the benefit of the doubt and hope that this has happened out of ignorance and not with the purpose to abuse and further instill the atrocious patterns of the Nazi ideology in a place like Auroville.

Auroville, 27th August 2022

The least to expect in any case is a sincere and public apology to the ones amongst us who have lost family members in the Holocaust and to all those who suffer intergenerational trauma caused by the horrors of a world war. And also Auroville as a whole deserves an apology and needs to hear a clear correction of this wrong, with the explicit acceptance of the shared values of this spiritual community.


Your Auroville Council and Working Committee

“Wherever he (Hitler) has gone, he has destroyed the higher values of life.” Sri Aurobindo