A grievance from A.

Jun 13, 2022 | Blog, Processes by-passed

This letter was adressed by a long term Aurovilian to the group of Aurovilians and non Aurovilians who are trying to take over Auroville. They have informed the community of the opening of a grievance cell that is supposed to collect the grievance of those who are suffering the behaviours of the Aurovilians who are trying to preserve Auroville’s self governance. This grievance cell is apparently part of a whole strategy that aims at spreading a false narrative in and outside Auroville.

Here is the letter:

My grievance is acute and affects me 24/7 on all levels of my being! I feel it physically as a tension in my chest, emotionally in sadness and fear and mentally through deeply disturbing contemplation on the future of Auroville and the consequences we will all have to bear individually.

The cause of my grievance is the disempowerment and betrayal of the Residents Assembly of Auroville, which I believe is the only body able and responsible to manifest the soul of Auroville. Therefore Auroville has no future without an empowered and dedicated residents assembly!!!

You, the members of this newly appointed grievance cell among others are responsible for this threat to the RA by actively blocking the functions of the RA and at the same time instigating racial division, fear of not obtaining a visa and a long list of further harm!!! You are attacking and harming the residents assembly!!! Stop right now!!!
I am hurt by your actions, the RA is hurt by your actions, Auroville is hurt by your actions!!! I hope that you will stop right now to rethink your position and start right now doing everything in your power to repair the damage and hurt that you have caused the RA and us all individually!
Personally I will continue, with unwavering determination, to do everything in my power for the RA to have all the freedom, inspiration and courage it needs to govern itself and build Auroville, as granted in the Foundation Act!

Personally I find so many if your actions offensive but would like to address here the racial division that you so desperately nurture!!!
I am as much Indian as I am German, and even more Aurovillian then either German or Indian! I was born in Auroville in 1976, and have worked in the Auroville healthcare system, in Kailash clinic, on the ambulance and as a midwife for the last 23 years. My great grandmother and my grandmother both lived here, my son is the 4th generation of our family living in Auroville. We have confidently and joyfully invested everything, committing our lives and our family wealth to Auroville!
So please immediately stop portraying an absolutely false picture of rich foreigners abusing local residents!!!
It makes no difference where our ancestors come from, we are all Aurovilian!!!

Despite my intense grievance I remain grounded in my unshakable faith that Auroville will succeed!!!!



To understand Auroville organisation: https://standforaurovilleunity.com/auroville-organisation/