A grievance from R.

Jun 14, 2022 | Blog, Processes by-passed, Self Governance

This letter was adressed by a long term Aurovilian to the group of Aurovilians and non Aurovilians who are trying to take over Auroville. They have informed the community of the opening of a grievance cell that is supposed to collect the grievance of those who are suffering the behaviours of the Aurovilians who are trying to preserve Auroville’s self governance. This grievance cell is apparently part of a whole strategy that aims at spreading a false narrative in and outside Auroville.

“I am writing to express the following grievance.

1) There is a group of people who have refused to represent the Residents Assembly, yet their role as Working Committee members is to do so. They refuse to acknowledge a vote and to follow the Auroville Foundation Act.

2) Two Residents Assembly Decisions following internal process were held and ignored.

                       1) To Pause the crown untill a community agreement for development is made was ignored.

                      2) An RAD that has removed these members in an overwhelming vote of no confidence also was ignored.

3) I am concerned by various working groups of the RA colluding with the office in the AVF against their mandate and the residents they represent.

A) Destruction of the YC with police, paid goons and no work order.

B) Destruction of a house with no work order.

C) Refusal to integrate community offered solutions made during the dreamweaving sessions.

4) Interfering in internal organizations via illegal appointments to various working groups by the AVF.

5) Qanon and antivax fringe elements being appointed by the AVF without the consultation of the RA. Also persons who seem to have despotic tendencies and/or personal issues who are using the wrongful appointments to vent their frustrations and vendettas on individuals and/or the community.

Kindly note: Many of these persons have previously never shown ANY interest in city planning or building in the past. It is only since the violence and destruction caused by the office of the AVF regarding the contentious crown road that certain persons were suddenly very verbal and these have been rewarded by occupying posts (but are unelected by the RA).

6) Illegal demands to suspend the vote due to the need to update the RoR. Interference in Auroville s governance.

7) Visas withheld of many members of the community.

8) False police complaints made on 6 Aurovilians WC members AVC and other random Aurovilians.

9) Intimidation and harassment by non elected members and their henchmen (women), occupying offices of working groups of the RA whilst refusing to acknowledge the RA. And such persons are diffusing information on behalf of the AVF without any proof, thereby creating confusion in governance.

10) Forceful take over of Auroville email, massbulletin, Auronet by unknown persons.

11) Destroying human unity by creating racial tensions, threatening persons not aligned to the current party politics.

12) Defaming pioneers and naming them anti-city, anti-Mother etc.

All patently false.

I personally believe the city is the means to express human unity, and not the reverse, and that to follow the Mother’s words of flexibility, plasticity and arising to the needs of the moment are crucial in order to build anything worthy for and to the Mother.

I also believe it is the world’s work to build Auroville and that India has generously provided a space for the experiment and monies for educational research.

I believe that India has been already sufficiently generous and her countrymen have far more pressing needs than to provide funds for the infrastructure of Auroville. Furthermore it would be wrong to deprive the other countries of the world from the opportunity to participate in building Auroville, which as mentioned by the Mother would assist in world harmony.

12) Creating a grievance cell without naming the persons who will be handling the same.

Please do inform me who these people are and please include my grievance in your report.

Thank you,


Since I have no idea who will be reading my grievance I am including a brief about myself;

I am a pioneer Auroville Resident, I was present at the Auroville foundation ceremony and along with my family were requested to live in Auroville by the Mother(the Founder of Auroville). I have lived in Auroville for some 40 years. Today I am defending myself from false police accusations levelled by the Undersecretary of the AVF. I am currently working at the Auroville Land board among other occupations in Auroville.”