October, 19th, 2022

Oct 19, 2022

RA WCom: report on our meeting with Sri R.N. Ravi

Dear community,

We would like to inform you that on Wednesday, 19th October, the Working Committee selected by the Residents’ Assembly had a 2-hour long meeting with Sri R.N. Ravi, Chairman of the Governing Board (and Governor of Tamil Nadu). The Secretary to the Governing Board, Dr Jayanti Ravi, was also in the room.

At the beginning of the meeting, we introduced ourselves, including how long each of us has been in Auroville and briefly what work we have been involved in here. Then we presented some of Auroville’s efforts over the past decade towards developing the city, emphasizing the fact that while there is still a lot to do, much has already been done and expertise is largely present within the community. We also spoke about the current state of affairs, insisting that for a positive way forward to be found, people need to feel secure and the current state of fear needs to come to an end. The conversation was frank and our sharings were honest yet respectful. The Chairman listened with focus and attention, asked questions throughout and shared his views on several aspects of Auroville, its current reality and its aim of being a gnostic and spiritualised society.

We feel this was an important first step in establishing contact with the Governing Board, through its Chairman, and hope that it will open the way to a better understanding of the residents’ perspective.

We attach for your information a document that was prepared for the occasion and handed to the Chairman, and that follows the structure and key messaging of our presentation to him. Of course, much more was said than what is written in the attached note and powerpoint.

We will keep you updated on further developments, if any.


Your Working Committee
Aravinda, Bharathy, Chali, Hemant, Maël, Sauro, Valli