October, 12th, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

For several months Saiier has been silently taken over by the Secretary. Saiier is the Auroville trust which is channeling the funds to finance the schools of Auroville including outreach schools, and educational projects of Auroville. Saiier channels mainly government funds allocated as grants and maintenances to Auroville education. The funds for the grants already allocated to the educational projects have been blocked. On October 7th an email has been sent to the schools and project holders that goes a step further. The secretary’s office is asking for the aadhar card, and bank accounts details, for the employees but also for the Aurovilians working in schools and educational projects. The teachers and many Aurovilians working in services are receiving what is called a maintenance, which is not a salary but an amount in kind and cash that covers the basic needs. This maintenance is allocated through Auroville unity funds where all Aurovilians have their accounts.
This communication clearly states that if the details are not communicated, the maintenances will be blocked.