November 19th, 2022

Nov 19, 2022

RA WCom: On legal developments and court cases

Dear Community,

We are receiving many questions from residents in regards to the ongoing court cases, especially after very reductive statements were made recently on social media and other communication channels by those supporting the takeover by the Secretary’s Office. As you can imagine, the situation is complex and nothing is as simple as it may seem. We invite all to be aware that simplistic statements on legal matters are often biased interpretations, and do not do justice to the complexities at play. We have full confidence in the work of our lawyers.

Legal processes take time and there will be ups and downs. This is not the end of the legal road we are on and we all have to stay centered, be patient, offer trust and support to each other and to those working for us in different spheres, and have faith. Out of what could be considered the most intense and challenging experience Auroville has faced so far, there is also an immense opportunity to learn, to grow stronger in our aspiration and closer to our ideal.

We are in a space of the Unknown, at a crossroads.
Let us collectively call for Mother’s Grace and trust that all that is happening is part of the yoga, of the path towards the New Dawn that we aspire to manifest in Auroville.


Your Working Committee
Aravinda, Bharathy, Chali, Hemant, Maël, Sauro, Valli