April 29th, 2022

Apr 29, 2022

For those who don’t want to read all 78 pages of the NGT order of April 28, here are the directions of the Tribunal:

“125. In the result, this Original Application is allowed in part and disposed of with the following directions:-

(i) The 1st Respondent is directed to prepare a proper township plan either in respect of 778 Ha which is in their possession now or in respect of 1963 Ha which was visualized by the MOTHER by identifying the locations where each zone will have to be located, where the roads will have to be laid showing the location of the ring roads with their width and further road, if any, to be constructed, the nature of industries and other activities which they are expected to establish in the township and if it is not going to be implemented as one phase, how many phases in which they are going to complete the project and then apply for Environmental Clearance (EC) as it will fall under Item 8 (b) of the EIA Notification, 2006 as amended from time to time. Till then they are directed not to proceed with further construction in the project area.
(ii) Considering it as an exceptional circumstances, even before obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC) for further activity, we are permitting the 1st Respondent to complete the crown road on the following conditions:-
a. The Joint Committee appointed by this Tribunal viz., (i) the District Collector who is the Chairman of the District Green Committee of the concerned district along with (ii) the Forest Officer not below the rank of Conservator of Forest, as deputed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, (Head of Forests Force) and Chief Wildlife Warden, State of Tamil Nadu to inspect the area in question and ascertain whether by reducing the width of the road at suitable places or by slight realignment (if any) required, so that the number of trees to be cut can be minimized so that the vision of the MOTHER of creating a green cover in that area can be protected.
b. The Joint Committee is also directed to ascertain as to whether there are any water bodies/streams exists in that area and if the road passes through the water body, then what is the manner in which the road will have to be constructed by elevation without affecting the water body/water flow or a bed level causeway with box type of vents will suffice. If such a recommendation is made, that also will have to be implemented, and the 1st Respondent is to undertake the construction as suggested by the committee.
c. The Joint Committee is directed to complete the process and submit the report to the 1st Respondent within a period of two months and on receipt of the same, the 1st Respondent is directed to carry out the crown road work, in the impugned area with tree cover, strictly in accordance with the recommendations made by the Joint Committee.

d. Till that exercise is completed, the 1st Respondent is directed not to cut any further trees from the property. The 1st Respondent is at liberty to undertake the crown road work in the remaining stretches where there are no trees. The 1st Respondent is also at liberty to take action against unauthorized occupations, if any, strictly in accordance with the law in force.

(iii) The 1st Respondent is also directed to plant trees in the ratio of 1 : 10 for the number of trees to be cut, and the species to be recommended by the Joint Committee may be considered for planting either on the side of the road or other area identified by the Joint Committee, in order to protect environment and also to maintain the green cover in that area.”