May 25th 2022

May 25, 2022

The former members of the Working Committee who have been dismissed by a decision of the Resident Assembly are refusing to quit and have created their own Working Committee and declared the Working Committee decided by the Resident Assembly as illegal. They have nominated their own members who have joined them.

They are now using the id of the Working Committee on the Intranet of Auroville (Auronet) to communicate as the Working Committee and also are using the usual channel of the mass bulletin ( a mailing list reserved to the working groups of the Resident Assembly to communicate with the community.

They are fully supported by the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation office and have spread all over the medias and social medias (using the official Facebook of the Auroville Foundation) a campaign of false informations  and defamation. As of now they have taken over all the official communication tools of Auroville (Intranet, emails, etc…) they are using these channels to diffuse their narratives. See event on the take over of Sysop and Auronet

Letter where they declare the new members decided by them :Auronet_-_A_Working_Update_-_2022-05-21

Communication of the so called Working Committee: Auronet_-_Working_Update_2_-_2022-05-24

To read the answer written by one member of the Resident Assembly:

The results of the Resident Assembly decision about the Working Committee:

About the Working Committee: