May 18th, 2022

May 18, 2022

The Foundation Office has sent the police to the Town Hall. They wanted the Working Committee of the Resident Assembly to give keys to the offices and thus in the absence of the necessary legal order and justification. A Police Officer tried to insist that the Working Committee give access to others (Working Committee members recently dismissed by the RA and self appointed ones). Since it was categorically refused, the police has shut down the entire Town Hall office, including all services of the Town Hall.The Working Committee of the Residents Assembly stood up for the community and the rights of the Resident Assembly of the Auroville Foundation, under intense pressure.

This same day the Auronet (Auroville intranet forum) password has been reset and handed over by one of the administrators to the Auroville Foundation office without the consent of the Auroville Council,  Working Committee or the FAMC.