May 10th, 2022

May 10, 2022

Outcome of the Resident Assembly DECISION-MAKING PROCESS:

This decision made by the Residents Assembly is to replace the 4 Working Committee members who condoned the violent actions against our community.
The Working Committee is made up of 7 community members whose responsibility is to represent the Residents Assembly to the Governing Board and other outside entities.The 4 members who were voted out have failed to do so, and have instead been promoting their own personal agendas.

The RAS registered 864 valid votes. It is the second highest turnout for a Resident Assembly decision ever, following the previous one on the implementation of the Crown. The outcome of this RAD clearly shows that the Residents’ Assembly does not support the Working Committee members who are not accountable to the community. It is important to remember that the results of the vote are not personal, but rather an attempt to move towards a Working Committee that upholds the voice of the Residents’ Assembly.


“I agree to remove individual members of the Working Committee from office through this current RA decision-making process, given their failure to ‘assist’ and ‘represent’ the Residents’ Assembly as stated in their mandate. If more than 50% of voters agree that a member is to be removed, the term of that member ends with immediate effect.
I agree that any remaining members of the Working Committee will continue in office and can choose to appoint interim members. They can only do so in consultation with the Auroville Council.
These interim members can only be chosen from members of previous Working Committees. The term of the interim Working Committee members shall be until the next RA-approved Selection Process has been held, and new Working Committee members have been selected.
In the unlikely event that all Working Committee members are dismissed, the three Working Committee members who have the most votes to stay on will remain, as interim members, until the next RA-approved selection process”.