March 18th, 2023

Mar 18, 2023

On March 18th, Revelation forest stewards reported that CPWD contractors started work on the cycle paths in Revelation Forest, which the AVFO ‘ATDC’ intends to brickline. Similar work has been ongoing in Gaia Forest, where existing cycle paths have been dug up and lined with uneven poorly laid brickwork, which in some places are already buried by mud after the light rains that fell recently. At Revelation, workers arrived with a JCB to clear a path into the forest opposite the Youth Center gate. When asked by the stewards to show maps for the work to be done, it became apparent that they were clearing the wrong area and therefore the work was stopped. The new planned path mostly follows the existing cycle path that Revelation Forest stewards previously created and maintained, however the proposed widening and bricklining of the pathways may then encourage motorised traffic into the forest. It would also create a link between the Crown Road and the proposed Outer Ring Road which, if it goes ahead as is now proposed, would cut through large areas of Auroville forest, including sensitive animal sanctuary areas.