June 13th, 2022

Jun 13, 2022

1/ A writ petition* was filled by the Working Committee of Residents Assembly represented by Hemant L. member of the bona fide Working Committee of the Residents assembly today 13th June 2022 at High Court in Chennai.

Our prayer to the honorable High Court is to forbear the Foundation from interfering with the work of the Residents Assembly and their lawful Working Committee.

The undertaking of counsel for the 1st respondent, the Foundation has been recorded that no precipitate steps will be taken by the Auroville Foundation till the next hearing on Monday 20th June 2022 when the matter is to be taken up for final disposal.

[*Writ in India is the formal order of the court directing the authorities if there is a violation of the Fundamental Rights by a government authority or body. One can file a writ petition in the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution, whereas you can file the writ petition in High Court under Article 226 of the Indian constitution.]

2/ While the group of Aurovilians (supported by the Secretary of the Governing Board) are spreading on medias and in Auroville false narratives aiming at division and fear among the community, a group of Tamil Aurovilians has organised a gathering inviting the whole community thus to create awareness on the importance of a united Resident Assembly. The focus has been put on the explanation of the Foundation Act and the functionnement of the different working groups. Read the post and see photos