July 4th, 2022

Jul 4, 2022

Legal update on Court cases.

On 4th July, the Madras High Court (Chennai) was due to hear a case requesting that the Auroville Foundation, represented by its Secretary, abstain from interfering with the work of the Residents’ Assembly and their lawful representatives, the Working Committee of the RA. Two other cases were also due to be heard: the TDC case and the Outreach Media case. Unfortunately the Additional Solicitor General, appearing for the Foundation, was unwell, he had slipped and fallen and suffered a head injury, and so could not be present. The TDC case is postponed till the 6th July. The Outreach Media case and the Wcom case are both postponed to the 11th July.

The court did not issue any interim orders as all parties needed to be heard. The Court reassured once again that if any illegalities were to be found on the 11th, the court would take due action. The lawyers representing the three cases brought by various residents and the WCom of the Residents’ Assembly drew the court’s attention to the fact that the respondents were continuing to take negative actions against the WCom even after having promised to take no further action. It was reiterated by the court that no action should be taken against the WCom and the court took note that any such action would be held against the Foundation on the 11th.